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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 1996

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21   Report: Priorities in legal research into the creation of a european electronic market for geo information, EUROGI Position Paper
J.J.C. Kabel (1996)
22   Book: Publieke omroep en commercie 1995
J.J.C. Kabel, M. van Dellebeke (1996), 230 p.
23   Article: Schrodinger's kat te Stockholm
J.J.C. Kabel in: Computerrecht, Vol. x (1996), p. 163-164
24   Book: Uw bakker, uw dokter! : gezondheidsclaims bij levensmiddelen
J.J.C. Kabel (1996), 79 p.
25  download 224298 Dissertation: Tell me! The right of the child to information
A.M.Th.L. Koren (1996), p. 541
26   Chapter: International Antitrust Rules: Has the Time Arrived for Cooperation within the Multilateral System.
J.H. Mathis in: Developments in European Competition Law. (1996), p. 127-153
27   Article: Demonstratievrijheid voor extreem-rechts
A.J. Nieuwenhuis in: TBP, Vol. 51 (1996), p. 668-672
28   Book review: 'Transboundary Environmental Interference and the Origin of State Liability'
P.A. Nollkaemper in: Milieu en Recht, Vol. 24 (1996), p. 163-165 , 'Transboundary Environmental Interference and the Origin of State Liability'
29   Chapter: 'What you Risk Reveals What You Value', and Other Dilemma's in the Legal Assault on Risk
P.A. Nollkaemper in: The precautionary principle and international law : the challenge of implementation (1996), p. 73-94
30  download 15470 Article: Balancing Protection of Marine Ecosystems and the Economic Benefits from Land-based Activities: The Quest for International Legal Barriers
P.A. Nollkaemper in: Ocean Development and International Law, Vol. 27 (1996), p. 153-179