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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2011

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261  download 347695 Article: Languages as hyperplanes: grammatical inference with string kernels
A. Clark, C. Costa Florêncio, C. Watkins in: Machine Learning, Vol. 82 (2011), p. 351-373
262   Article: Resonance of plankton communities with temperature fluctuations
E. Beninca, V. Dakos, E.H. van Nes, J. Huisman, M. Scheffer in: American Naturalist, Vol. 178 (2011), p. E85-E95
263   Article: Interorgan coordination of the murine adaptive response to fasting
T.B.M. Hakvoort, P.D. Moerland, R. Frijters, A. Sokolović, W.T. Labruyère, J.L.M. Vermeulen, E. Ver Loren van Themaat, T.M. Breit, F.R.A. Wittink, A.H.C. van Kampen, A.J. Verhoeven, W.H. Lamers, M. Sokolović in: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 286 (2011), p. 16332-16343
264  download 340913 Article: A mTurquoise-based cAMP sensor for both FLIM and ratiometric read-out has improved dynamic range
J.B. Klarenbeek, J. Goedhart, M.A. Hink, T.W.J. Gadella, K. Jalink in: PLoS One, Vol. 6 (2011), p. e19170-
265  download 340931 Article: Gene expression profiling in a mouse model identifies fetal liver- and placenta-derived potential biomarkers for Down syndrome screening
J.L.A. Pennings, W. Rodenburg, S. Imholz, M.P.H. Koster, C.T.M. van Oostrom, T.M. Breit, P.C.J.I. Schielen, A. de Vries in: PLoS One, Vol. 6 (2011), p. e18866-
266   Article: Atorvastatin treatment during epileptogenesis in a rat model for temporal lobe epilepsy
E.A. van Vliet, L. Holtman, E. Aronica, L.J.M. Schmitz, W.J. Wadman, J.A. Gorter in: Epilepsia, Vol. 52 (2011), p. 1319-1330
267   Article: Molecular, cellular, and physiological responses to phosphatidic acid formation in plants
C. Testerink, T. Munnik in: Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol. 62 (2011), p. 2349-2361
268  download 337884 Dissertation: Finding people and their utterances in social media
W. Weerkamp (2011), p. vii, 181
269  download 340748 Dissertation: Optical noise and mesoscopic correlations in random media
P.S. Scalia (2011), p. 104
270  download 336591 Dissertation: Statistical properties of resonances in chaotic elastic cavities: time reversal invariance and feedback
O. Antoniuk (2011), p. 124