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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2010

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121   Chapter: Foreword
T. Koornwinder in: Hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and their q-analogues (2010), p. v-x
122   Article: Investigating cluster formation in adsorption of CO2, CH4, and Ar in zeolites and metal organic frameworks at subcritical temperatures
R. Krishna, J.M. van Baten in: Langmuir, Vol. 26 (2010), p. 3981-3992
123  download 193617 Article: Distance and angular holonomic constraints in molecular simulations
D. Dubbeldam, G.A.E. Oxford, R. Krishna, L.J. Broadbelt, R.Q. Snurr in: Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 133 (2010), p. 034114-
124   Article: Selection of column dimensions and gradient conditions to maximize the peak-production rate in comprehensive off-line two-dimensional liquid chromatography using monolithic columns
S. Eeltink, S. Dolman, G. Vivo-Truyols, P. Schoenmakers, R. Swart, M. Ursem, G. Desmet in: Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 82 (2010), p. 7015-7020
125   Article: Comment on “Modeling adsorption and self-diffusion of methane in LTA zeolites: the influence of framework flexibility”
R. Krishna, J.M. van Baten in: Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, Vol. 114 (2010), p. 18017-18021
126   Article: In silico screening of zeolite membranes for CO2 capture
R. Krishna, J.M. van Baten in: Journal of Membrane Science, Vol. 360 (2010), p. 323-333
127  download 200124 Dissertation: High performance N-body simulation on computational grids
D.J. Groen (2010), p. vi, 134
128  download 189726 Article: Principal component analysis of ensemble recordings reveals cell assemblies at high temporal resolution
A. Peyrache, K. Benchenane, M. Khamassi, S.I. Wiener, F.P. Battaglia in: Journal of computational neuroscience, Vol. 29 (2010), p. 309-325
129   Article: C^1 robustly minimal iterated function systems
F.H. Ghane, A.J. Homburg, S. Sarizadeh in: Stochastics and Dynamics, Vol. 10 (2010), p. 155-160
130   Article: Optimizing lengths of confidence intervals: fourth-order efficiency in location models
C. Klaassen, S. Venetiaan in: Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, Vol. 39 (2010), p. 1437-1448