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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2006

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891   Article: The impact of incorrect model error assumptions on the assimilation of remotely sensed surface soil moisture
W.T. Crow, E.E. van Loon in: Journal of hydrometeorology, Vol. 7 (2006), p. 421-432
892   Chapter: Modelling the adaptive behaviour of migrating white storks
J. Shamoun-Baranes, E.E. van Loon, W. Bouten in: 24th International Ornithological Congress (2006), p. 118-118
893   Chapter: Integrating space and time in animal abundance prediction
E.E. van Loon, J.R. van Gasteren, H. Sierdsema, J. Shamoun-Baranes in: International Conference on Macroecological Tools for Global Change Research (2006), p. 136-136
894   Chapter: Hierarchical models and functional traits
E.E. van Loon, J. Shamoun-Baranes, H. Sierdsema, W. Bouten in: International Conference on Macroecological Tools for Global Change Research (2006), p. 134-134
895   Article: Navigating on handheld displays: Dynamic versus static peephole navigation
S. Mehra, P.J. Werkhoven, M. Worring in: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), Vol. 13 (2006), p. 448-457
896   Chapter: Solar activity, climate change and the expansion of the Scythians after 850 BC
B. van Geel in: Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 8: EGU06-A-02626 (2006), p. 1
897   Chapter: The chronology of climatic change and cultural dynamics in southern Siberia in the Holocene based on multiproxy data (pollen, microfossils, geochemistry and radiocarbon dating)
V.G. Dirksen, M.A. Koulkova, B. van Geel, N.A. Bokovenko, A.A. Sementsov, G.T. Cook, J. van der Plicht, E.M. Scott, L.M. Lebedeva, N.D. Bourova, G.I. Zaitseva in: Abstracts 19th International 14C conference, 3-7 April 2006, Oxford. (2006), p. 2
898   Chapter: Simultaneous or sucked-in? Testing the timing of radiocarbon-dated climate events between sites
M. Blaauw, J. AndrĂ©s Christen, D.S. Mauquoy, B. van Geel, J. van der Plicht in: Abstracts HOLIVAR2006 Open Science Meeting (2006), p. 121-121
899   Report: De mens of de zon? De oorzaak van klimaatverandering
B. van Geel (2006)
900   Article: Verstoring in Zuid-Zweeds veenarchief
M. van der Linden in: Natuurwetenschap en Techniek, Vol. 74 (2006), p. 58-58