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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2002

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481   Article: Ring-closing metathesis of allylic O,O- and N,O-acetals.
S.S. Kinderman, R. Doodeman, J.W. van Beijma, J.C. Russcher, K.C.M.F. Tjen, T.M. Kooistra, H. Mohaselzadeh, J.H. van Maarseveen, H. Hiemstra, H.E. Schoemaker, F.P.J.T. Rutjes in: Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Vol. 344 (2002), p. 736-748
482   Article: Allenylmethylsilanes as nucleophiles in N-acyliminium ion chemistry.
G. Mentink, J.H. van Maarseveen, H. Hiemstra in: Journal of Lipid Research, Vol. 4 (2002), p. 3497-3500
483   Article: Crenarchaeol: the characteristic core glycerol dibiphytanyl glycerol tetraether membrane lipid of cosmopolitan pelagic crenarchaeota.
J.S. Sinnighe, S. Schouten, E.C. Hopmans, A.C.T. van Duin, J.A.J. Geenevasen in: Journal of Lipid Research, Vol. 43 (2002), p. 1641-1651
484   Article: Linearly concatenated cyclobutane lipids from a dense bacterial membrane.
J.S. Sinnighe, G.J.A.M. Strous, W.I.C. Rijpstra, E.C. Hopmans, J.A.J. Geenevasen, A.C.T. van Duin, L.A. Niftrik, M.S.M. Jetten in: Nature, Vol. 419 (2002), p. 708-712
485   Article: Solid-phase synthesis of piperidines by N-acyliminium ion chemistry.
J.J.N. Veerman, J.M. Klein, R.W.M. Aben, H.W. Scheeren, C.G. Kruse, J.H. van Maarseveen, F.P.J.T. Rutjes, H. Hiemstra in: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 2002 (2002), p. 3133-3139
486   Article: The protein kinase Kic1 affects 1,6-beta-glucan levels in the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
E. Vink, J.H. Vossen, A.F.J. Ram, H. van den Ende, S.S.C. Brekelmans, J.G. de Nobel, F.M. Klis in: Microbiology, Vol. 148 (2002), p. 4035-4048
487   Article: Dynamic Behavior of the Surface Structure of Cu/ZnO/SiO2 Catalysts
W.P.A. Jansen, J. Beckers, J.C. van den Heuvel, A.W. Denier v.d. Gon, A. Bliek, H.H. Brongersma in: Journal of Catalysis, Vol. 210 (2002), p. 229-236
488   Chapter: Structured access to scientific information
C. Caracciolo, M. de Rijke in: 1st International Global WordNet Conference, January 21-25, 2002: proceedings (2002), p. 187-191
489   Chapter: A logical approach to represent and reason about calendars
M. Franceschet, C. Combi, A. Peron in: International Symposium on temporal representation and reasoning (2002), p. 134-140
490   Chapter: Pre- and postcondition reasoning for dynamic first order logic
J.M. Heguiabehere in: Proceedings of the Kurt Godel Society (2002)