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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2001

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1541  download 33001 Chapter: Evidence from the past: solar forcing of climate change by way of cosmic rays and/or by solar UV?
B. van Geel, H. Renssen, J. van der Plicht in: CERN 2001-007 (Proceedings Workshop on Ion-Aerosol-Cloud Interactions, Geneva) (2001), p. 24-29
1542   Article: Two uniqueness results on the Unruh effect and on PCT-symmetry
B. Kuckert in: Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol. 221 (2001), p. 77-100
1543   Chapter: Quantized reduction as a tensor product
N.P. Landsman in: Quantization of singular symplectic quotients (2001), p. 137-180
1544   Chapter: Bicategories of operator algebras and Poisson manifolds
N.P. Landsman in: Mathematical physics in mathematics and physics. Quantum and operator (2001), p. 271-286
1545  download 197168 Dissertation: Plasmic fabric analysis of glacial sediments using quantitative image analysis methods and GIS techniques
K. Zaniewski (2001), p. 219
1546   Article: Operator algebras and Poisson manifolds associated to groupoids
N.P. Landsman in: Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol. 222 (2001), p. 97-116
1547   Chapter: Quantization of Poisson algebras associated to Lie algebroids
N.P. Landsman, B. Ramazan in: Groupoids in analysis, geometry, and physics (Boulder, CO, 1999) (2001), p. 159-192
1548  download 100659 Dissertation: Impacts of agricultural land use histories on soil organic matter dynamics and related properties of Savannah soils in North Cameroon
F. Obale (2001), p. 181
1549   Book: Sitios de recoleccion de semillas forestales andinas del Ecuador
L. Ordonez, N.M. Aguirre, R.G.M. Hofstede (2001), 48 p.
1550   Book: Sistemas forestales integrales para la Sierra del Ecuador
O. Heerma Van Voss, N.M. Aguirre, R.G.M. Hofstede (2001), 84 p.