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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2001

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1371   Article: ROTACAT: a rotating device containing a designed catalyst for highly selective hydroformylation.
A.J. Sandee, R.S. Ubale, M. Makkee, J.N.H. Reek, P.C.J. Kamer, J.A. Moulijn, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen in: Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Vol. 343 (2001), p. 201-206
1372   Article: On the influence of the bite angle on the allylic alkylation of (E) and (Z) substrates: loss and retention of double bond stereochemistry.
R.J. van Haaren, G. van Strijdonk, H. Oevering, J.N.H. Reek, P.C.J. Kamer, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen in: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2001), p. 837-843
1373  download 59678 Dissertation: How predatory arthropods learn to use herbivore-induced plant volatiles. Evidence from behavioural experiments and the field
B. Drukker (2001), p. 115
1374   Chapter: Evidence from North-West European bogs showing that Little Ice Age climatic changes were driven by changes in solar activity.
D.S. Mauquoy, B. van Geel, M.A. Blaauw, J. van der Plicht in: Long-term effects of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem processes (2001), p. 155-169
1375   Article: Novel Ru(II)2 Carboxylates as Catalysts for Alkene Metathesis.
W.K. Buchowicz, F. Ingfold, J.C. Mol, M. Lutz, A.L. Spek in: Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol. 7 (2001), p. 2842-2847
1376   Article: Changing climate, vegetation responses and human societies around 850 cal BC and the possible role of a solar UV decline
B. van Geel in: Terra Nostra, Vol. 2001/3 (2001), p. 223-226
1377   Article: Recyclable hydroformylation catalysts of higher alkenes using immobilized catalysts and two-phase systems.
J.N.H. Reek, A.J. Sandee, M. Schreuder Goedheijt, P.C.J. Kamer, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen in: Erdoel, Erdgas, Kohle, Vol. 117 (2001), p. 134-138
1378   Article: Solid-phase synthesis of homogeneous ruthenium catalysts on silica for the continuous asymmetric transfer hydrogenation reaction.
A.J. Sandee, D.G.I. Petra, J.N.H. Reek, P.C.J. Kamer, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen in: Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol. 7 (2001), p. 1202-1208
1379   Article: Influence of reed stem density on foredune development
S.M. Arens, A.C.W. Baas, J.H. van Boxel, C.J. prof.dr Kalkman in: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Vol. 26 (2001), p. 1161-1176
1380   Article: Climate change and precipitation: detecting changes
J.H. van Boxel in: Meteorologia Colombiana, Vol. 3 (2001), p. 21-31