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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1999

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511   Chapter: Opportunities for spatiotemporal Kalman filtering in soil science
G.B.M. Heuvelink in: Pedometrics '99. Estimating uncertainty in soil models (1999), p. 75-77
512   Article: Spatial aggregation and soil process modelling
G.B.M. Heuvelink, E.J. Pebesma in: Geoderma, Vol. 89 (1999), p. 47-65
513   Chapter: Schaaleffecten bij ruimtelijke onzekerheidsanalyses
G.B.M. Heuvelink in: GIS en waarachtig! (1999), p. 39-52
514   Article: Chiral magnetic Domain Structures in Ultrathin FePd Films
H.A. Durr, E. Dudzik, S.S. Dhesi, J.B. Goedkoop, G. van der Laan, M. Belakhovsky, C. Mocuta, A. Marty, Y. Samson in: Science, Vol. 248 (1999), p. 2166-
515   Article: Microscopic evidence of grounded ice in the sediments of the CIROS-1 core, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
J.F. Hiemstra in: Terra Antarctica, Vol. 6 (1999), p. 365-376
516   Article: Mineralogical features detected in the 5-12 mu m range with ISO-SWS: hints of carbonate minerals
P.W. Morris, E. Lellouch, Th. de Graauw, S. Erard, B. Henderson, T. Encrenaz, H. Feuchtgruber in: Bull. of the Am. Astron. Soc. (1999), p. 315906-
517   Article: Effects of sterilizing doses of gamma radiation on Mars analog rocks and minerals
C.C. Allen, F.G. Albert, J. Combie, A. Banin, Y. Yablekovitch, I. Kan, R.J. Bodnar, V.E. Hamilton, B.L. Jolliff, K. Kuebler, A. Wang, D.J. Lindstrom, P.W. Morris, R.V. Morris, R.W. Murray, L.E. Nyquist, P.D. Simpson, A. Steele, S.J. Symes in: Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres) (1999), p. 10427043-
518  download 472041 Dissertation: Organizing Waste Reduction in the Dutch Waste Sector
P.T. de Jong (1999), p. 221
519   Article: Sexual communication in Dichrorampha (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)
J.J.N. van den Boezem, S.A. Ulenberg in: Proceedings of the Section Experimental and Applied Entomology of the Netherlands Entomological Society (N.E.V.), Vol. 10 (1999), p. 57-62
520  download 474382 Dissertation: The fossil Crustacea of China: their taxonomy, palaeobiology, biogeography and phylogenetic relationships
R.S. Taylor (1999), p. 156