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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1991

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71  download 42508 Article: Photodetachment Cross-Section for Ca
C.F. Fischer, J.E. Hansen in: Physical Review A, Vol. 44 (1991), p. 1559-1564
72  download 8919 Article: Novel scheme to study structural and thermal properties of continuously deformable molecules.
D. Frenkel, G.C.A.M. Mooij, B. Smit in: Journal of physics: condensed matter, Vol. 3 (1991), p. 3053-3076
73   Chapter: Properties of phosphoinositides in membranes
Th.W.J. Gadella, J. Verbist, K.W.A. Wirtz in: Biological signal transduction (1991), p. 321-330
74  download 3564 Article: Shape and lipid binding site of the nonspecific lipid-transfer protein (sterol carrier protein 2): a steady-state and time-resolved fluorescense study
Th.W.J. Gadella, P.I.H. Bastiaens, A.J.W.G. Visser, K.W.A. Wirtz in: Biochemistry, Vol. 30 (1991), p. 5555-5564
75   Book editorial: Second quinquennial review 1986-1991
J.J. Gerbrands, F.C.A. Groen, C. Kamminga, A.W.M. Smeulders, M.A. Viergever, A.M. Vossepoel (1991), p. ca. 300
76   Chapter: Indexing of images by pictorial information
Th. Gevers, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Proceedings Conference on Visual Databases, Budapest, 1991 (1991)
77   Chapter: Reasoning in uncertainties: five strategies
A.M. van Ginneken, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Manual of quantitative pathology in cancer diagnosis and prognosis (1991), p. 470-479
78   Article: Reasoning with uncertainty: an analysis of five systems and their suitability in pathology
A.M. van Ginneken, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Analytical and quantitative cytology and histology, Vol. 13 (1991), p. 93-109
79  download 42343 Article: Magnetic-Resonance Studies of Interstitial Mn in Gap and Gaas
S.J.H.M. van Gisbergen, T. Godlewski, T. Gregorkiewicz, C.A.J. Ammerlaan in: Physical Review B, Vol. 44 (1991), p. 3012-3019
80   Article: Metal to non-metal transitions in high temperature oxide superconductors monitored by photoelectron spectroscopy
M.S. Golden, S.J. Golden, R.G. Egdell, W.R. Flavell in: Journal of materials chemistry, Vol. 1 (1991), p. 63-68