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Faculty of Science - 1991

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121  download 2069 Chapter: Parallel discrete event simulation
B.J. Overeinder, L.O. Hertzberger, P.M.A. Sloot in: Proceedings of the third workshop computersystems (1991), p. 19-30
122  download 42356 Article: Accumulated Photon-Echo in Ruby under Hydrostatic-Pressure - Ground-State Splitting and Spontaneous Decay of 2abar(2e)
M.H.F. Overwijk, J.I. Dijkhuis, H.W. Dewijn, R. Vreeker, R. Sprik, A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review B, Vol. 43 (1991), p. 12744-12750
123   Book editorial: Particle acceleration near accreting compact objects
J. van Paradijs, M. van der Klis, A. Achterberg (1991), p. 132
124  download 28481 Article: Contribution of NMDA receptors to postsynaptic potentials and paired-pulse facilitation in identified neurons of the rat nucleus accumbens in vitro
C.M.A. Pennartz, P.H. Boeijinga, S.T. Kitai, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: Experimental brain research, Vol. 86 (1991), p. 190-198
125  download 28501 Article: Hippocampal inputs to identified neurons in an in vitro slice preparation of the rat nucleus accumbens: evidence for feed-forward inhibition
C.M.A. Pennartz, S.T. Kitai in: The Journal of neuroscience, Vol. 11 (1991), p. 2838-2847
126   Chapter: The glutamatergic and GABAergic transmitter system in the rat nucleus accumbens: an electrophysiological in vitro study
C.M.A. Pennartz, P.H. Boeijinga, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: Basal ganglia III: proceedings of IBAGS III, the Third Triennial Symposium of the International Basal Ganglia Society (IBAGS), held June 10-13, 1989, in Cagliari, Italy (1991), p. 293-302
127  download 4589 Article: Quasi-periodic oscillations in the Z source GX 340+
W. Penninx, W.H.G. Lewin, J. Tan, K. Mitsuda, M. van der Klis, J. van Paradijs in: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 249 (1991), p. 113-121
128   Chapter: A systematic revision of the Central Atlantic Halichondrida (Demospongiae, Porifera). Part II. Patterns of distribution of secondary metabolites
S.A. Pomponi, A.E. Wright, M.C. Díaz, R.W.M. van Soest in: Fossil and recent sponges (Proceedings of a symposium held Sept. 26-28, 1988, at the Institut für Paläontologie, Freie Universität Berlin) (1991), p. 150-158
129  download 28502 Article: Superconducting Phases of URu2Si2
A.P. Ramirez, T. Siegrist, T.T.M. Palstra, E.H. Bruck, J.D. Garrett, A.A. Menovsky, J.A. Mydosh in: Physical review. B: Condensed matter and materials physics, Vol. 44 (1991), p. 5392-5395
130  download 28503 Article: A note on the interpretability logic of finitely axiomatized theories
M. de Rijke in: Studia logica, Vol. 50 (1991), p. 241-250