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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1990

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31  download 26249 Article: Paired-pulse facilitation in the nucleus accumbens following stimulation of subicular inputs in the rat
P.H. Boeijinga, C.M.A. Pennartz, F.H. Lopes da Silva in: Neuroscience, Vol. 35 (1990), p. 301-311
32   Report: A posteriori foutschatting bij de eindige elementen methode en de gemengde eindige elementen methode
J.H. Brandts (1990)
33  download 91225 Dissertation: A study of extreme IRAS galaxies
Albertus Casper van den Broek (1990), p. 213 p
34  download 189460 Article: Notes on a drawing of Indian elephants in red crayon by Petrus Camper (1786) in the archives of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie
A.C. van Bruggen, F.F.J.M. Pieters in: Zoölogische Mededelingen, Vol. 63 (1990), p. 255-266
35   Article: Airborne information transfer between cotton seedings: consequences for phytophagous mites and predatory mites
J. Bruin, M.W. Sabelis in: Proceedings of the section Experimental and Applied Entomology of the Netherlands Entomological Society, Vol. 1 (1990), p. 42-43
36  download 42353 Article: Strain–order-parameter coupling and phase diagrams in superconducting UPt3
G. Bruls, D. Weber, B. Wolf, P. Thalmeier, B. Lüthi, A. de Visser, A. Menovsky in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 65 (1990), p. 2294-2297
37  download 26250 Article: Specific-Heat and Magnetic-Behavior of UTGe Compounds
E.H. Brück, K.H.J. Buschow, R.G. Vanwierst, L. Havela, F.R. de Boer, V. Sechovsky, P. Nozar, E. Sugiura, M. Ono in: Journal of applied physics, Vol. 67 (1990), p. 5215-5217
38  download 10614 Article: Ab initio calculations on the structure of pyridine in its lowest triplet state
W.J. Buma, E.J.J. Groenen, J. Schmidt in: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 112 (1990), p. 5447-5451
39  download 4593 Article: An 8.15 hour modulation in the light curve of LMC X-2
P.J. Callanan, P.A. Charles, J. van Paradijs, M. van der Klis, H. Pedersen, E.T. Harlaftis in: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 240 (1990), p. 346-348
40  download 91884 Dissertation: Neutrino driven neutron star formation
Jan Cernohorsky (1990), p. 114 p