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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1989

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81   Chapter: Sex ratio control in a pseudo-arrhenotokous phytoseiid mite
M.W. Sabelis, M. Scholman in: Progress in acarology: Vol. 1 (1989), p. 267-
82   Article: Evaluation of automated estimation of the epithelial volume and its prognostic value in ovarian tumors
N.W. Schipper, A.W.M. Smeulders, J.P.A. Baak in: Laboratory investigation, Vol. 61 (1989), p. 228-234
83  download 27287 Article: Quantification of epithelial area by image processing applied to endometrial carcinoma: a comparison with ovarian tumors
N.W. Schipper, A.W.M. Smeulders, J.H.M. de Lange, J.P.A. Baak in: Human pathology, Vol. 20 (1989), p. 1125-1132
84  download 7225 Article: Long-time tails of the heat-conductivity time correlation functions for a magnetized plasma - a kinetic theory approach
A.J. Schoolderman, L.G. Suttorp in: Physica A, Vol. 156 (1989), p. 795-822
85  download 27288 Article: Quantum BRST charge for quadratically nonlinear lie algebras
K. Schoutens, A. Sevrin, P. van Nieuwenhuizen in: Communications in mathematical physics, Vol. 124 (1989), p. 87-103
86  download 27289 Article: Representation theory for a class of so(N)-extended superconformal operator algebras
K. Schoutens in: Nuclear physics. B, Vol. 314 (1989), p. 519-544
87   Chapter: The role of comptonisation in energy spectra of standard QPO-sources
N.S. Schulz, R.A.M.J. Wijers in: Proceedings of the 23rd ESLAB symposium on two topics in X-ray astronomy, Bologna, Italy, 13-20 September 1989: vol. 1. X-ray binaries (1989), p. 601-606
88   Chapter: The role of comptonisation in energy spectra of standard QPO-sources
N.S. Schulz, R.A.M.J. Wijers in: Contributions of the X Ray Astronomy Group of the Max-Plank-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik (1989), p. 44-49
89   Chapter: CACE: a case of embedded system development
P.M.A. Sloot, M.J. Carels, A.G. Hoekstra in: Computing science in the Netherlands (1989), p. 441-462
90  download 2062 Article: Scattering matrix elements of biological particles measured in a flow-through system: theory and practice
P.M.A. Sloot, H. van der Liet, C.G. Figdor in: Applied optics, Vol. 28 (1989), p. 1752-1762