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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1988

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11  download 27431 Article: Cannibalism as a life boat mechanism
F. van den Bosch, A.M. de Roos, W. Gabriel in: Journal of mathematical biology, Vol. 26 (1988), p. 619-633
12   Article: Nucleotide sequence of human peroxisomal 3-oxoacyl-CoA thiolase
A. Bout, Y. Teunissen, T. Hashimoto, R. Benne, J.M. Tager in: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 16 (1988), p. 10369-10369
13  download 27433 Article: Deuterium isotope effects in the photochemistry of 2,5-dimethyl- and 2,5-di-tert-butyl-1,3,5-hexatrienes
A.M. Brouwer, J. Cornelisse, H.J.C. Jacobs in: Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. A, Chemistry, Vol. 42 A (1988), p. 313-320
14  download 27541 Article: Photochemistry of 2,5-dimethyl- and 2,5-di-tert-butyl-1,3,5-hexatrienes. Conformation and reactivity. A quantitative study
A.M. Brouwer, J. Cornelisse, H.J.C. Jacobs in: Journal of photochemistry and photobiology,A: Chemistry, Vol. 42A (1988), p. 117-126
15   Article: a New Magnetic Heavy-Fermion Compound
E.H. Brück, F.R. de Boer, V. Sechovsky, L. Havela in: Europhysics Letters, Vol. 7 (1988), p. 177-183
16  download 27543 Article: Magnetic Order in the Kondo-Lattice Compound CePdln
E.H. Brück, J.C.P. Klaasse, M. van Sprang, F.R. de Boer in: Journal of applied physics, Vol. 63 (1988), p. 3417-3419
17   Article: Magnetic-Properties and Hybridization Effects in UTX Compounds
E.H. Brück, L. Havela, V. Sechovsky, P.A. Veenhuizen, F.R. de Boer in: Journal of applied physics, Vol. 49 (1988), p. 497-498
18  download 27601 Article: Electron Spin Echo spectroscopy of the photo-excited triplet state of pyridine
W.J. Buma, E.J.J. Groenen, J. Schmidt, R. de Beer in: Journal of molecular structure, Vol. 173 (1988), p. 249-252
19   Book editorial: Categorial Grammar
W. Buszkowski, W. Marciszewski, J.F.A.K. van Benthem (1988), p. 370
20   Article: Biosystematic studies on the Closterium moniliferum/ehrenbergii complex (Chlorophyta, Conjugatophyceae) in Western Europe. I. Isozyme patterns
P.F.M. Coesel, S.B.J. Menken in: British phycological journal, Vol. 23 (1988), p. 193-198