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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1984

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31  download 23983 Dissertation: Studies on the semantics of questions and the pragmatics of answers
J.A.G. Groenendijk, M.J.B. Stokhof (1984), p. 569
32   Book editorial: Truth, interpretation, and information: selected papers from the Third Amsterdam Colloquium
J.A.G. Groenendijk, T.M.V. Janssen, M.J.B. Stokhof (1984), p. 182
33  download 43130 Article: Analysis of resonance structure in the photoionization of atomic chlorine
J.E. Hansen, R.D. Cowan, S.L. Carter, H.P. Kelly in: Physical Review A, Vol. 30 (1984), p. 1540-1542
34  download 43142 Article: Interpretation of the satellite spectrum that follows ionization in the 5s and 5p shells of Xe at low photon energy
J.E. Hansen, W. Persson in: Physical Review A, Vol. 30 (1984), p. 1565-1567
35  download 15621 Article: Image processing for mitoses in sections of breast cancer: a feasibility study
E.J. Kaman, A.W.M. Smeulders, P.W. Verbeek, I.T. Young, J.P.A. Baak in: Cytometry, Vol. 5 (1984), p. 244-249
36   Chapter: Discovery of regularities in the cycle-to-cycle variability of Cygnus X-3
M. van der Klis, F. Jansen in: X-ray astronomy '84: Proceedings of an International Symposium on X-Ray Astronomy, June 1984, Bologna, Italy. (1984)
37  download 15387 Chapter: Evidence for variations in the phase-dependent ionization structure of the stellar wind in VELA X-1
M. van der Klis, G. Hammerschlag-Hensberge in: Fourth European IUE Conference : proceedings of the Fourth International Ultraviolet Explorer Conference held in Rome, Italy, 15-18 May 1984, co-sponsored by The European Space Agency (ESA), CNR/Istituto Astrofisica Spaziale (1984), p. 443-447
38  download 15392 Chapter: Rapid short-term pulse-period variations in VELA-X-1 4U0900-40
M. van der Klis, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud in: High energy astrophysics and cosmology : proceedings of the COSPAR/IAU Symposium held in Rojen, Bulgaria, 18-23 July 1983 (1984), p. 39-42
39  download 15389 Article: The orbital parameters and the X-ray pulsation of VELA X-1 (4U 0900 - 40)
M. van der Klis, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud in: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 135 (1984), p. 155-170
40  download 4783 Article: U 1323-62
M. van der Klis, J. van Paradijs, F.A. Jansen, W.H.G. Lewin in: IAU circular, Vol. 3961 (1984), p. 1