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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1983

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11   Article: Rare or poorly known pectinids
H.H. Dijkstra in: La Conchiglia, Vol. 15 (1983), p. 3-5
12  download 43104 Article: Prediction of structures and magnetic orientations in solid α- and β-O2
R.D. Etters, A.A. Helmy, K. Kobashi in: Physical Review B, Vol. 28 (1983), p. 2166-2171
13  download 43152 Article: Raman studies of argon dimers in a supersonic expansion : 1. spectroscopy
H.P. Godfried, I.F. Silvera in: Physical Review A, Vol. 27 (1983), p. 3008-3018
14  download 43154 Article: Raman studies of argon dimers in a supersonic expansion : 2. kinetics of dimer formation
H.P. Godfried, I.F. Silvera in: Physical Review A, Vol. 27 (1983), p. 3019-3030
15  download 15628 Chapter: Application of digital image processing in computer aided art
F.C.A. Groen, R. le Gue, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Application of digital image processing (1983), p. 294-300
16   Chapter: Interrogative quantifiers and Skolem-functions
J.A.G. Groenendijk, M.J.B. Stokhof in: Connectedness in sentence, discourse and text: proceedings of the Tilburg Conference held on 25 and 26 January 1982 (1983), p. 71-110
17   Article: Halldén-completeness by gluing of Kripke frames
L. Humberstone, J.F.A.K. van Benthem in: Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Vol. 24 (1983), p. 426-430
18  download 4792 Article: LMC X-3
M. van der Klis, J. van Paradijs in: IAU Circular, Vol. 3765 (1983), p. 1
19   Dissertation: Observational studies of x-ray binary systems: properties of the neutron star and its companion orbital motion and mass flows
M. van der Klis (1983), p. 135
20  download 4791 Article: Photometric and spectroscopic observations of an optical candidate for the X-ray source H 0544 - 665
M. van der Klis, I. Tuohy, J. Elso, J. van Paradijs, P.A. Charles, J.R. Thorstensen in: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 203 (1983), p. 279-284