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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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81  download 444351 Dissertation: Searching for similarities: transfer-oriented learning in health education at secondary schools
L.W.H. Peters (2012), p. 205
82  download 452242 Dissertation: Teacher-child relationships and interaction processes: Effects on students' learning behaviors and reciprocal influences between teacher and child
D.L. Roorda (2012), p. 135
83   Article: Expansion, diversification, and hybridization in Korean public housing
H. Lee, R. Ronald in: Housing Studies, Vol. 27 (2012), p. 495-513
84   Article: Elias and Bourdieu
B. Paulle, B. van Heerikhuizen, M. Emirbayer in: Journal of Classical Sociology, Vol. 12 (2012), p. 69-93
85  download 454463 Dissertation: The impact of parents’ chronic medical condition on children
D.S. Sieh (2012), p. 213
86  download 452826 Dissertation: Fighting over forest: interactive governance of conflicts over forest and tree resources in Ghana’s high forest zone
M.A.A. Derkyi (2012), p. xviii, 342
87   Article: Why play an active role? A qualitative examination of lay citizens’ main motives for participation in health promotion
B. Fienieg, V. Nierkens, E. Tonkens, T. Plochg, K. Stronks in: Health Promotion International, Vol. 27 (2012), p. 416-426
88   Book review: On crisis, currencies and the rise of the Phoenix
R.P. Hendrikse in: Political Geography, Vol. 31 (2012), p. 127-130 , Bust: Greece, the Euro and the sovereign debt crisis
89   Article: Addressing forest degradation and timber deficits in Ghana
T.F.G. Insaidoo, M.A.F. Ros-Tonen, L. Hoogenbosch, E. Acheampong in: ETFRN News, Vol. 53 (2012), p. 230-239
90   Report: Nieuwe steden in de Randstad: verstedelijking en suburbaniteit
A. Reijndorp, L. Bijlsma, I. Nio, R. van der Wouden (2012), p. 142