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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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51  download 526835 Inaugural lecture: Urban Perspectives of the World
J. Nijman (2012), p. 22
52   Article: Translational medicine op z’n kop: praktijkkennis vertalen naar onderzoek
J. Pols in: Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidszorg en Ethiek, Vol. 22 (2012), p. 19-23
53   Article: Which are the "best" cities for psychology research worldwide?
L. Bornmann, L. Leydesdorff, G. Krampen in: Europe's Journal of Psychology, Vol. 8 (2012), p. 535-546
54   Article: Ageing and employers' perceptions of labour costs and productivity: a survey among European employers
W.S. Conen, H.P. van Dalen, K. Henkens in: International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 33 (2012), p. 629-647
55   Article: Botsen werkgevers en werknemers wanneer het aankomt op langer doorwerken?
H. van Dalen, K. Henkens, W. Conen, J. Schippers in: Over.Werk, Vol. 22 (2012), p. 70-78
56   Report: Employers' attitudes and actions towards the extension of working lives in Europe
W.S. Conen, K. Henkens, J. Schippers (2012), p. 35
57   Article: Intended and unintended consequences of a publish-or-perish culture: a worldwide survey
H.P. van Dalen, K. Henkens in: Journal of the American Society for information Science and Technology, Vol. 63 (2012), p. 1282-1293
58   Article: Can organisations learn without political leadership? The case of public sector reform among South African Home Affairs officials
A. Segatti, C. Hoag, D. Vigneswaran in: Politique Africaine, Vol. 128 (2012), p. 121-142
59   Article: Residential mobility of urban middle classes in the field of parenthood
W.R. Boterman in: Environment and Planning A, Vol. 44 (2012), p. 2397-2412
60   Chapter: Personality disorders
L.M.C. van den Bosch, R. Verheul in: Drug abuse and addiction in medical illness: causes, consequences and treatment (2012), p. 311-321