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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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11   Article: The SWIFT affair and the global politics of European security
M. de Goede in: Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 50 (2012), p. 214-230
12   Article: Mental health outcomes of widowed and married mothers after war
N. Morina, P.M.G. Emmelkamp in: British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 200 (2012), p. 158-159
13  download 453457 Dissertation: La búsqueda de justicia desde los microespacios de la política: organizaciones de mujeres desplazadas en Colombia
D.A. Britto Ruiz (2012), p. 421
14   Report: Legal and policy situation of immigrants: the Netherlands
J. Berkhout, T. Butter, T. de Lange (2012), p. 23
15   Chapter: Contesting the state of exception in Afghan-Pakistani marchlands
O. Verkaaik, S. Sarfraz Khan, S. Rehman in: Transnational flows and permissive polities: ethnographies of human mobilities in Asia (2012), p. 55-74
16   Dissertation: Young men in a colourful city: Masculinity, young men's sexual practices, and HIV/AIDS in Dhaka, Bangladesh
I.S. Saikh (2012), p. xiii, 236
17  download 489587 Chapter: Epiloog: Conflict in samenwerking: voorbij een optelsom van belangen
W. Salet, T. Metze, M. Levelt in: Conflict in samenwerking: de geloofwaardigheid van regionale verstedelijking (2012), p. 71-73
18   Report: Ethnography's contribution to newspaper analysis: claims-making revisited
L.M. Mügge (2012), p. 22
19  download 489591 Chapter: Guest worker migration in post-war Europe (1946-1974): an analytical appraisal
A. Akgündüz in: An introduction to international migration studies: European perspectives (2012), p. 181-209
20  download 447093 Article: Sources and legitimacy of financial liberalization
B. Burgoon, P. Demetriades, G.R.D. Underhill in: European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 28 (2012), p. 147-161