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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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111   Article: Developmental trajectories of peer victimization: off-line and online experiences during adolescence
S.R. Sumter, S.E. Baumgartner, P.M. Valkenburg, J. Peter in: Journal of Adolescent Health, Vol. 50 (2012), p. 607-613
112  download 486864 Article: Support of the collaborative inquiry learning process: influence of support on task and team regulation
N. Saab, W. van Joolingen, B. van Hout-Wolters in: Metacognition and Learning, Vol. 7 (2012), p. 7-23
113   Chapter: Moral courage training programs as a means of overcoming societal crises
V. Brandst├Ątter, K.J. Jonas in: Restoring civil societies: the psychology of intervention and engagement following crisis (2012), p. 265-283
114   Chapter: Regulating psychological threat: the motivational consequences of threatening contexts
B.T. Rutjens, J. van der Pligt, F. van Harreveld in: Restoring civil societies: the psychology of intervention and engagement following crisis (2012), p. 38-56
115   Report: ODA parliamentary oversight project country report and data analysis: Republic of Mozambique
G. Underhill, S. Hardus (2012), p. 78
116   Chapter: Tussen zelfredzaamheid en eigen regie: Wmo en de autonomieparadox
E. Grootegoed in: De zorgkracht van sociale netwerken (2012), p. 72-80
117   Article: Care farms in the Netherlands: an underexplored example of multifunctional agriculture - toward an empirically grounded, organization-theory-based typology
J. Hassing, W. Hulsink, J. Grin in: Rural Sociology, Vol. 77 (2012), p. 569-600
118   Chapter: "All things being equal"? Policy options, shortfalls and absences in the World Bank Education Sector Strategy 2020
A. Verger, X. Bonal in: World Bank and Education: Critiques and Alternatives (2012)
119   Book editorial: Journalistiek en politiek in onzekere tijden
K. Brants (2012), p. 114
120   Article: Brain connectivity and high functioning autism: a promising path of research that needs refined models, methodological convergence, and stronger behavioral links
M.E. Vissers, M.X. Cohen, H.M. Geurts in: Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Vol. 36 (2012), p. 604-625