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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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101   Article: An increase in depressive symptoms after myocardial infarction predicts new cardiac events irrespective of depressive symptoms before myocardial infarction
M. Zuidersma, J. Ormel, H.J. Conradi, P. de Jonge in: Psychological Medicine, Vol. 42 (2012), p. 683-693
102   Chapter: Los holandeses y el velo integral: la política del malestar
A. Moors in: La islamofobia a debate: la genealogía del miedo al islam y la construcción de los discursos antiislámicos (2012), p. 219-243
103  download 466655 Article: Measuring the effects of alexithymia on perception of emotional vocalizations in autistic spectrum disorder and typical development
P. Heaton, L. Reichenbacher, D. Sauter, R. Allen, S. Scott, E. Hill in: Psychological Medicine, Vol. 42 (2012), p. 2453-2459
104  download 467764 Article: Property booms and bubbles: a demolition strategy - towards a tabula rasa?
L. Janssen-Jansen, G. Lloyd in: Journal of Surveying, Construction and Property, Vol. 3 (2012), p. 11
105   Report: A delicate balance: religious schools and tolerance
M. Maussen, V. Bader (2012), p. 9
106   Article: Mindful Parenting, een andere kijk op opvoeding
R. van der Meulen, J. Hellemans, S. Bögels in: Kind en Adolescent Praktijk, Vol. 11 (2012), p. 16-21
107   Article: Changes in the relative importance of dynamic risk factors for recidivism during adolescence
C.E. van der Put, G.J.J.M. Stams, M. Hoeve, M. Deković, H.J.M. Spanjaard, P.H. van der Laan, R.P. Barnoski in: International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, Vol. 56 (2012), p. 296-316
108   Article: Institutional trust, education, and corruption: a micro-macro interactive approach
A. Hakhverdian, Q. Mayne in: The Journal of Politics, Vol. 74 (2012), p. 739-750
109  download 469677 Article: De invloed van een niqab op het herkennen van gezichtsexpressies
M.E. Kret in: De Psycholoog, Vol. 47 (2012), p. 10-19
110   Chapter: Prosocial behavior in the context of crisis
K.J. Jonas in: Restoring civil societies: the psychology of intervention and engagement following crisis (2012), p. 57-77