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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2012

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91   Article: Adolescents of the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: male role models, gender role traits, and psychological adjustment
H. Bos, N. Goldberg, L. van Gelderen, N. Gartrell in: Gender & Society, Vol. 26 (2012), p. 603-638
92  download 460542 Article: Can motivation normalize working memory and task persistence in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder? The effects of money and computer-gaming
S. Dovis, S. van der Oord, R.W. Wiers, P.J.M. Prins in: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Vol. 40 (2012), p. 669-681
93   Book: Atlas nieuwe steden: de verstedelijking van de groeikernen
A. Reijndorp, L. Bijlsma, I. Nio (2012), 360 p.
94   Chapter: Group-related or host state–related? Understanding the historical development of Surinamese organisations in Amsterdam, 1965-2000
F. Vermeulen, A. van Heelsum in: Post-colonial immigrants and identity formations in the Netherlands (2012), p. 77-97
95   Article: Oxytocin modulates selection of allies in intergroup conflict
C.K.W. De Dreu, L.L. Greer, M.J.J. Handgraaf, S. Shalvi, G.A. Van Kleef in: Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, Vol. 279 (2012), p. 1150-1154
96   Article: Popularizing Islam: Muslims and materiality - introduction
A. Moors in: Material Religion, Vol. 8 (2012), p. 272-279
97   Article: Staying tuned: TV news audiences in the Netherlands 1988–2010
A. Wonneberger, K. Schoenbach, L. van Meurs in: Journal of broadcasting & electronic media, Vol. 56 (2012), p. 55-74
98  download 460092 Dissertation: A joint approach: brain structure & function in heavy cannabis users & their relationship with future use
J. Cousijn (2012), p. 184
99   Article: Equality, self‐respect and voluntary separation
M.S. Merry in: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Vol. 15 (2012), p. 79-100
100  download 485925 Report: Publieke verwachtingen van journalistieke accountability: hoe denken Nederlanders over de verantwoordelijkheid van de journalistiek?
R. van der Wurff, K. Schönbach (2012), p. 68