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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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561   Article: Ethnicity, gender socialization, and children's attitudes towards gay men and lesbian women
H.M.W. Bos, C. Picavet, T.G.M. Sandfort in: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol. 43 (2011), p. 1082-1094
562  download 458535 Article: Prevention of false positive findings in observational studies: registration will not work but replication might
P. de Jonge, H.J. Conradi, B.D. Thombs, J.G.M. Rosmalen, H. Burger, J. Ormel in: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Vol. 65 (2011), p. 95-96
563   Article: Hybride arbeidsrelaties
A. Nauta in: SERmagazine, Vol. 51 (2011), p. 19-
564   Article: Volwaardige arbeidsrelaties en inzetbaarheid in de Universitair Medische Centra
A. Nauta, W. Doosje, I. de Pater, R. van Bloois in: Tijdschrift voor HRM, Vol. 14 (2011), p. 5-19
565  download 459000 Article: arf3DS4: an integrated framework for localization and connectivity analysis of fMRI data
W.D. Weeda, F. de Vos, L.J. Waldorp, R.P.P.P. Grasman, H.M. Huizenga in: Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 44 (2011), p. 33
566   Article: Erroneous analyses of interactions in neuroscience: a problem of significance
S. Nieuwenhuis, B.U. Forstmann, E.-J. Wagenmakers in: Nature Neuroscience, Vol. 14 (2011), p. 1105-1107
567   Article: Autism and perception of awareness in self and others: two sides of the same coin or dissociated abilities?
R.A. Kievit, H.M. Geurts in: Cognitive Neuroscience, Vol. 2 (2011), p. 119-120
568  download 484398 Article: Modifying threat-related interpretive bias in adolescents
E. Samelink, R.W. Wiers in: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Vol. 39 (2011), p. 967-976
569   Article: Assessment of teacher competence using video portfolios: reliability, construct validity and consequential validity
W. Admiraal, M. Hoeksma, M.-T. van de Kamp, G. van Duin in: Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 27 (2011), p. 1019-1028
570   Article: Seven things to remember about hidden Markov models: a tutorial on Markovian models for time series
I. Visser in: Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Vol. 55 (2011), p. 403-415