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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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311   Article: The Los Angeles School: difference, politics, city
W.J. Nicholls in: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 35 (2011), p. 189-206
312   Article: How the grapevine keeps you in line: gossip increases contributions to the group
B. Beersma, G.A. van Kleef in: Social Psychological and Personality Science, Vol. 2 (2011), p. 642-649
313   Chapter: The dangers of belonging: tribes, indigenous peoples and homelands in South Asia
W. van Schendel in: The politics of belonging in India: becoming Adivasi (2011), p. 19-43
314   Article: Seeing love, or seeing lust: how people interpret ambiguous romantic situations
K. Epstude, J. Förster in: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 47 (2011), p. 1017-1020
315   Article: An integrated perspective on the relation between response speed and intelligence
D. van Ravenzwaaij, S. Brown, E.-J. Wagenmakers in: Cognition, Vol. 119 (2011), p. 381-393
316   Chapter: Elias and Bourdieu
B. Paulle, B. van Heerikhuizen, M. Emirbayer in: The legacy of Pierre Bourdieu: critical essays (2011), p. 145-172
317  download 447751 Inaugural lecture: Het pantheon van de publieke waarden
M.R. Rutgers (2011), p. 29
318  download 483605 Article: A new perspective on tourist information search: discussion in couples as the context
F. Bronner, R. de Hoog in: International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol. 5 (2011), p. 128-143
319  download 483819 Chapter: Age differences in liking and recall of arousing television commercials
M. van der Goot, E. van Reijmersdal in: The 10th ICORIA 2011 Berlin: June 23rd–25th 2011: conference programme [DVD] (2011)
320   Article: Making normative structures visible: the British National Health Service and the hospice movement as signifiers of compassion and hope
P. Brown, R. Flores in: Acta Sociologica, Vol. 54 (2011), p. 61-75