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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2011

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311  download 449490 Article: The footprint of the JSF/F-35 Lightning II military jet in the Netherlands: geopolitical and geo-economic considerations in arms procurement and arms production
V. Mamadouh, H. van der Wusten in: L'Espace Politique, Vol. 15 (2011), p. 14
312   Article: The strength and quality of climate perceptions
A.E.M. van Vianen, I.E. de Pater, M.N. Bechtoldt, A. Evers in: Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 26 (2011), p. 77-92
313   Article: Career adaptability, turnover and loyalty during organizational downsizing
U.-C. Klehe, J. Zicik, A.E.M. van Vianen, I.E. de Pater in: Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol. 79 (2011), p. 217-229
314   Article: Internet use and online social support among same sex attracted individuals of different ages
L. Baams, K.J. Jonas, S. Utz, H.M.W. Bos, L. van der Vuurst in: Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 27 (2011), p. 1820-1827
315   Article: Magnetic stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex dissociates fragile visual short-term memory from visual working memory
I.G. Sligte, M.E. Wokke, J.P. Tesselaar, H.S. Scholte, V.A.F. Lamme in: Neuropsychologia, Vol. 49 (2011), p. 1578-1588
316  download 453295 Article: Ethnic differences in total and HDL cholesterol among Turkish, Moroccan and Dutch ethnic groups living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
J.K. Ujcic-Voortman, G. Bos, C.A. Baan, D.G. Uitenbroek, A.P. Verhoeff, J.C. Seidell in: BMC Public Health, Vol. 10 (2011), p. 8
317   Article: De complexe relatie tussen diplomademocratie en populisme
S.L. de Lange in: B en M : Tijdschrift voor Beleid, Politiek en Maatschappij, Vol. 38 (2011), p. 93-97
318   Article: Radicaal rechts-populistische partijen op het pluche
S. de Lange in: Openbaar Bestuur, Vol. 21 (2011), p. 2-6
319   Chapter: Gay men and lesbians in the Netherlands
G. Hekma, J.W. Duyvendak in: Introducing the new sexuality studies. - 2nd ed. (2011), p. 273-277
320   Article: More potential in statistical analyses of event-related potentials: a mixed regression approach
H. Vossen, G. van Breukelen, H. Hermens, J. van Os, R. Lousberg in: International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, Vol. 20 (2011), p. e56-e68