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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2010

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921   Article: Effects of a science education module on attitudes towards modern biotechnology of secondary school students
T. Klop, S.E. Severiens, M-C.P.J. Knippels, M.H.W. Mill, G.T.M. ten Dam in: International Journal of Science Education, Vol. 32 (2010), p. 1127-1150
922   Article: Development in children's attribution of embarrassment and the relationship with theory of mind and shyness
C. Colonnesi, I.M. Engelhard, S.M. Bögels in: Cognition & Emotion, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 514-521
923   Article: Between partisanship and cynicism: Italian journalism in a state of flux
M. Poletti, K. Brants in: Journalism, Vol. 11 (2010), p. 329-346
924   Book review: 
Y.F. Chow in: European Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 13 (2010), p. 127-129 , Alien encounters: popular culture in Asian America
925  download 229191 Article: Effectiveness of the universal prevention program 'Healthy School and Drugs': study protocol of a randomized clustered trial
M. Malmberg, G.J. Overbeek, M. Kleinjan, A. Vermulst, K. Monshouwer, J. Lammers, W.A.M. Vollebergh, R.C.M.E. Engels in: BMC Public Health, Vol. 10 (2010)
926   Article: 'Bekend maakt bemind': de relatie tussen blootstelling aan reclame en merkkeuze
M.L. Fransen, B.M. Fennis, A.T.H. Pruyn in: Ontwikkelingen in het marktonderzoek: jaarboek MarktOnderzoekAssociatie, Vol. 2010 (2010), p. 61-79
927   Chapter: Integrating customary and statutory systems: the struggle to develop a legal and policy framework for NTFPs in Cameroon
S.A. Laird, V. Ingram, A. Awono, O. Ndoye, T. Sunderland, E.L. Lisinge Fotabong, R. Nkuinkeu in: Wild product governance: finding policies that work for non-timber forest products (2010), p. 53-70
928   Article: Associations of cortisol with posttraumatic stress symptoms and negative life events: a study of police officers and firefighters
A.B. Witteveen, A.C. Huizink, P. Slottje, I. Bramsen, T. Smid, H.M. van der Ploeg in: Psychoneuroendocrinology, Vol. 35 (2010), p. 1113-1118
929   Article: The effects of experience-based marketing communication on brand relations and hedonic brand attitudes: the moderating role of affective orientation
M. Fransen, P. Lodder in: Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 37 (2010), p. 801-802
930  download 227945 Article: How participation creates citizens: participatory governance as performative practice
E. Turnhout, S. van Bommel, N. Aarts in: Ecology and Society, Vol. 15 (2010), p. 26-