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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2010

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761  download 227346 Report: Juryrapport "Goed gemaakt" (Canon Ruimtelijke Ordening)
R. Bakker, R. Geurtsen, M. Kloos, W. Salet, J. Schrijnen, K. Vriesman, J. Witsen (2010), p. 37
762   Article: Een eigen risico werkt niet
E. Tonkens in: Verzekerd!, Vol. 9 (2010), p. 9-11
763   Article: The Dutch 2010 elections and the environment
H.A. van der Heijden in: Environmental Politics, Vol. 19 (2010), p. 1000-1005
764  download 227338 Article: Children's gender identity in lesbian and heterosexual two-parent families
H. Bos, T.G.M. Sandfort in: Sex Roles, Vol. 62 (2010), p. 114-126
765   Article: NGO structural adaptation to funding requirements and prospects for democracy: the case of the European Union
R. Sanchez Salgado in: Global Society, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 507-527
766   Article: British discretion in Dutch planning: establishing a comparative perspective for regional planning and local development in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
L.B. Janssen-Jansen, J. Woltjer in: Land Use Policy, Vol. 27 (2010), p. 906-916
767   Article: Filling a missing link: the influence of portrayals of older characters in television commercials on the memory performance of older adults
G.J. Westerhof, K. Harink, M. van Selm, M. Strick, R. van Baaren in: Ageing and Society, Vol. 30 (2010), p. 897-912
768   Article: Niet met lege handen: interventies bij kindermishandeling
J. Hermanns in: SoziO : Vakblad voor Sociale en Pedagogische Beroepen, Vol. 95 (2010), p. 32-39
769   Article: Sound-bite science: on the brevity of science and scientific experts in Western European television news
P. Verhoeven in: Science Communication. An Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal, Vol. 32 (2010), p. 330-355
770   Article: Old and new perspectives on Basque nationalism and violence
J. Mansvelt Beck in: South European Society and Politics, Vol. 15 (2010), p. 143-149