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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2010

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761   Article: Participation and power: reflections on the role of government in land use planning and rural development
N. Aarts, C. Leeuwis in: The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, Vol. 16 (2010), p. 131-145
762   Article: Why are policy agendas punctuated? Friction and cascading in parliament and mass media in Belgium
S. Walgrave, R. Vliegenthart in: Journal of European Public Policy, Vol. 17 (2010), p. 1147-1170
763   Article: Opening the black box: understanding cross-media effects
H.A.M. Voorveld, P.C. Neijens, E.G. Smit in: Journal of Marketing Communications (2010)
764   Article: The influence of regulatory fit on evaluation and intentions to buy genetically modified foods: The mediating role of social identification
M.L. Fransen, M.J. Reinders, J. Bartels, R.L. Maassen in: Journal of Marketing Communications, Vol. 16 (2010), p. 5-20
765   Chapter: 4 en 5 mei
R. van Ginkel in: Een open zenuw: hoe wij ons de Tweede Wereldoorlog herinneren (2010), p. 27-38
766  download 205945 Article: Moving close to parents and adult children in the Netherlands: the influence of support needs
A. Smits in: Demographic Research, Vol. 22 (2010), p. 985-1014
767   Article: The ties that bind: the networked performance of gender, sexuality, and friendship on Myspace
N. van Doorn in: New Media & Society, Vol. 12 (2010), p. 583-602
768   Article: Paramaribo: Caribische stad zonder scheidslijnen
H. Verrest in: Rooilijn, Vol. 43 (2010), p. 162-169
769  download 199433 Dissertation: Party politics as we knew it? Failure to dominate government, intraparty dynamics and welfare reforms in continental Europe
G.H.P. Korthouwer (2010), p. xvi, 337
770  download 191745 Dissertation: Afstand en betrokkenheid in de gemengde wijk: over afwijzende en loyale groepen bij stedelijke vernieuwing
A.P.M. Veldboer (2010), p. 288