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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2010

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1231   Article: Ethnic differences and similarities in outpatient treatment for depression in the Netherlands
T. Fassaert, J. Peen, A. van Straten, M. de Wit, A. Schrier, H. Heijnen, P. Cuijpers, A. Verhoeff, A. Beekman, J. Dekker in: Psychiatric Services, Vol. 61 (2010), p. 690-697
1232   Book review: Review essay: a Sisyphean task: deconstructing border theory and foreign policy. A review of Bulley's "Ethics as foreign policy" and Vaughan-Williams's "Border politics"
V.D. Mamadouh in: Environment & Planning D: Society & Space, Vol. 28 (2010), p. 1106-1115 , Ethics as foreign policy: Britain, the EU and the other
1233   Article: Political opportunity structures, democracy, and civil war
K.S. Gleditsch, A. Ruggeri in: Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 47 (2010), p. 299-310
1234   Chapter: Informatievaardigheden
E. Kuiper in: Contact! Kinderen en nieuwe media (2010), p. 161-174
1235   Chapter: On the nature and function of pleasure
N.H. Frijda in: Pleasures of the brain (2010), p. 99-112
1236   Chapter: Culturalization of citizenship in the Netherlands
J.W. Duyvendak, M. Hurenkamp, E. Tonkens in: Managing ethnic diversity after 9/11: integration, security, and civil liberties in transatlantic perspective (2010), p. 233-252
1237   Article: Complex negotiations: ‘spiritual’ therapy and living with HIV in Ghana
B.K. Kwansa in: African Journal of AIDS Research, Vol. 9 (2010), p. 449-458
1238   Article: Religion, authority and their interplay in the shaping of antiretroviral treatment in western Uganda
A.M.J. Leusenkamp in: African Journal of AIDS Research, Vol. 9 (2010), p. 419-427
1239   Chapter: NGO involvement in the Juba peace talks: the role and dilemmas of IKV Pax Christi
S. Simonse, W. Verkoren, G. Junne in: The Lord’s Resistance Army: myth and reality (2010), p. 223-241, 315-316
1240   Chapter: Betrokken medewerkers
A. Nauta in: De kunst van het betrekken: parels van participatie (2010), p. 41-49