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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2006

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521  download 491274 Article: Conditions for multiple land use in large-scale urban projects
S.J.H. Majoor in: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, Vol. 21 (2006), p. 15-32
522   Article: Rescaling territorial governance: The responsiveness of spatial and institutional strategies to changing socio-economic interactions
W.G.M. Salet in: European Planning Studies, Vol. 14 (2006), p. 959-978
523   Article: Greep op de Post-Euclidische Stad? Oefeningen in de regio Amsterdam
W.G.M. Salet in: B en M : Tijdschrift voor Beleid, Politiek en Maatschappij, Vol. 33 (2006), p. 96-110
524   Article: Invalid theory impedes our understanding: A critique on the persistence of the language of NIMBY
M. Wolsink in: Transactions Institute of British Geographers, Vol. 31 (2006), p. 85-91
525   Article: River basin approach and integrated water management: Governance pitfalls for the Dutch Space-Water-Adjustment Management Principle
M. Wolsink in: Geoforum, Vol. 37 (2006), p. 473-487
526   Article: Destination choice and the identity of places: a disaggregated analysis for different types of visitor population environment in the Netherlands
R. Zandvliet, M. Dijst, L. Bertolini in: Journal of Transport Geography, Vol. 14 (2006), p. 451-462
527   Chapter: Mehrebenen-Governance und neue Formen von Territorialität
E. Gualini in: Regional Governance: Steuerung, Koordination und Kommunikation in regionalen Netzwerken als neue Formen des Regierens (2006), p. 61-82-
528   Chapter: Politicizing territorial governance: Embedding the ‘Political economy of Scale’ in European spatial policy
E. Gualini in: Rethinking European spatial policy as an hologram: Actions, institutions, discourses (2006), p. 113-134-
529   Chapter: Institutional capacity and planning milieux in European urban regions: An introduction to the case studies
E. Gualini, W.G.M. Salet in: Framing strategic urban projects: Learning from current experiences in European urban regions (2006), p. 20-50-
530   Article: Groei aan de top, stagnatie aan de bodem
H. Schenk in: India Nu, Vol. 161-162 (2006), p. 3-6