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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2005

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751   Article: A note on normal theory power calculation in structural equation modeling with data missing completely at random
C.V. Dolan, S. van der Sluis, R.P.P.P. Grasman in: Structural Equation Modeling, Vol. 12 (2005), p. 245-262
752   Article: Stochastic maximum likelihood mean and cross-spectrum structure modelling in neuro-magnetic source estimation
R.P.P.P. Grasman, H.M. Huizenga, L.J. Waldorp, K.B.E. Böcker, P.C.M. Molenaar in: Digital Signal Processing, Vol. 15 (2005), p. 56-72
753   Article: Preparation for speeded action as a psychophysiological concept
J.R. Jennings, M.W. van der Molen in: Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 131 (2005), p. 434-459
754   Article: Electrophysiological correlates of information processing in breast-cancer patients treated with adjuvant chemotherapy
B.P.C. Kreukels, S.B. Schagen, K.R. Ridderinkhof, W. Boogerd, H.L. Hamburger, F.S.A.M. van Dam in: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Vol. 94 (2005), p. 53-61
755   Article: Bayesian statistical inference in psychology: Comment on Trafimow (2003)
M.D. Lee, E.J. Wagenmakers in: Psychological Review, Vol. 112 (2005), p. 662-668
756   Article: Enemies and friends in the neighborhood: Orthographic similarity effects in a semantic classification task
D. Pecher, R. Zeelenberg, E.J. Wagenmakers in: Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Memory and Cognition, Vol. 31 (2005), p. 121-128
757   Article: A computerized treatment of dyslexia: Benefits from treating lexico-phonological processing problems
J. Tijms, J.J.W.M. Hoeks in: Dyslexia, Vol. 11 (2005), p. 22-40
758   Report: Leren op het Handelsplein, een leerbiografie van het leren van docenten binnen economie en administratie
W.G. Miedema (2005)
759   Article: Differential involvement of the aterior cingulated cortex in performance monitoring during a stop-signal task
G.J.M. van Boxtel, M.W. van der Molen, J.R. Jennings in: Journal of Psychophysiology, Vol. 19 (2005), p. 1-10
760   Article: Second to fourth digit ratio and dyslexia: no evidence for an association between reading disabilities and de 2D:4D ratio
M. van Gelder, J. Tijms, J.J.W.M. Hoeks in: Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, Vol. 47 (2005), p. 718-719