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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2003

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781   Chapter: Integration of specialist tasks in the digital image archive
E.S.H. Tan, H. Mueller in: Cognition in a ditital world (2003), p. 47-73
782   Chapter: 'Methodologies' and 'Methods' in Sociocultural studies of intellectual development: A consideration of their relations in three research programmes
K. Vann, M. Cole in: Mixing Methods in Psychology: The Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Theory and Practices (2003)
783   Chapter: Instrumentalizing the Truth of Practice
K. Vann, G. Bowker in: The Blackwell Cultural Economy Reader (2003)
784   Chapter: Culture and ethnicity
P. Voestermans, J. Jansz in: A social history of psychology (2003), p. 165-194
785   Chapter: Global journalism in an international public sphere
I. Volkmer in: Democracy and New Media (2003)
786   Chapter: Framing: Theory and typology
C.H. de Vreese in: Determination of information and tenor in texts: Mutidisciplinary approaches to discourse (2003), p. 151-164
787   Chapter: Online news services in The Netherlands
R.J.W. van der Wurff, E. Lauf, B. Lancee in: Towards new media paradigms (2003)
788   Chapter: Non-users also matter: The construction of users and non-users of the Internet
S.M.E. Wyatt in: Now Users Matter: The Co-construction of Users and Technology (2003), p. 67-79
789   Chapter: After Dallas and Dynasty, finally we have ......... Democracy. Articulating soaps, politics and gender
E.A. van Zoonen in: Media and the restyling of politics. Consumerism, Celebrity, Cynism (2003)
790   Chapter: De global jukebox
P. Bakker in: Mediarevolutie: Tien jaar www in Nederland (2003), p. 70-84