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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2001

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131   Chapter: The planning of communications technology: Alternatives for the periphery in critical issues.
C.J. Hamelink in: Communication (2001), p. 385-403
132   Chapter: Media and human rights.
C.J. Hamelink in: Media & Human Rights in Asia. (2001), p. 87-98
133   Chapter: A lot remains to be done.
C.J. Hamelink in: Kaarle Nordenstreng: Ambassador of communication research. (2001), p. 250-254
134   Chapter: Introduction: Forgetting Africa and the new world equation.
C.J. Hamelink in: Mass communication democracy and civil society in Africa. (2001), p. 1-8
135   Book: Western Europe and its Islam
J. Rath, M.J.A. Penninx, K. Groenendijk, A. Meijer (2001), XII, 308 p.
136   Article: Publish or perish? Deutsche Kommunikationsforschung in internationalen Fachzeitschriften.
E. Lauf in: Publizistik, Vol. 46 (2001), p. 369-382
137   Article: El nuevo regimen de comunicacion en las relaciones Universidad-Empresa-Gobierno: Una triple helice de innovaciones.
L. Leydesdorff in: Ekonomiaz, Vol. 45 (2001), p. 60-77
138   Article: Reactie op 'Nieuwe Scheikunde'.
E. Joling, T. van Berkel, M.J. Goedhart in: NVOX, Vol. 26 (2001), p. 216-217
139   Chapter: Industry on microscale. A project to create a bond between schools and industry.
E. Joling in: 6th European onference on Chemical Education and the 2nd Conference on Chemical Education. (2001)
140   Article: Job mobility and premature departure of principals in primary and secondary education in the Netherlands.
M. Kruger, E. van Eck, A. Vermeulen in: School Leadership and Management, Vol. 21 (4) (2001)