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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2000

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561   Article: Dealing with Extremists in Public Discussion: Front national and 'Republican Front' in France
M. Fennema, M.J.M. Maussen in: The Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 8 (2000), p. 379-400
562   Article: Neoliberalism, Olicharchy and Democracy in Central America and the Carribean
A.E. Fernandez Jilberto in: International Journal of Political Economy (2000)
563   Article: America Latina: el debate sobre los 'Nuevos Grupos Economicos y conglomerados industriales despues de la reestrecturation neoliberal
A.E. Fernandez Jilberto in: Revista europea de estudios latinoamericanos y del Caribe (2000)
564   Article: Les Jeux de Hasard et la Superstar
L.F.M. Groot, R. Caillois in: Diogene, Revue Internationale des Sciences Humaines, Vol. 190 (2000), p. 45-56
565   Article: Spatial Planning in the Network Society. Rethinking the Principles of Planning in the Netherlands
M.A. Hajer, W.A.M. Zonneveld in: European Planning Studies, Vol. 8 (2000), p. 337-356
566   Article: The Politics of the Environment in South-East Asia: Resources and Resistance
H.A.B. van der Heijden in: Environmental Politics, Vol. 9 (2000), p. 181-182
567   Article: Environmental Problems, the European Union and the Utilisation of Scientific Knowledge
H.A.B. van der Heijden in: Environmental Politics, Vol. 9 (2000), p. 141-145
568   Article: Living with Nature: Environmental Politics as Cultural Discourse
H.A.B. van der Heijden in: Environmental Politics, Vol. 9 (2000), p. 189-190
569   Article: Die Zukunft der Kapitalismen
M.R. Kratke in: Widerspruch, Vol. 40 (2000), p. 57-69
570   Article: Mythen aus Polderland
M.R. Kratke in: Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft (2000), p. 165-175