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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2000

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11   Article: Revisions and further developments of the occupational stress indicator: Lisrel results from four dutch studies.
A. Evers, M. Frese, C.L. Cooper in: Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Vol. 73 (2000), p. 221-240
12   Article: The use of referential context and grammatical gender in parsing: A reply to Brysbaert and Mitchell
J.J.A. van Berkum, P. Hagoort, C.M. Brown in: Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Vol. 29 (2000), p. 467-481
13   Chapter: Preface
C.J. Hamelink in: Religion, law and freedom. (2000), p. xiii-xvii
14   Report: Cyberspace as public domain: The role of civil society. For UNESCO, InfoEthics 98, final report
C.J. Hamelink (2000)
15   Book: Rethinking soil and water conservation in a changing society : a case study in eastern Burkina Faso
V. Mazzucato, D. Niemeijer (2000), 380 p.
16   Chapter: Introduction
S. van der Geest, M.A. Odei in: Toilets and Sanitation in Ghana (2000), p. 5-7
17   Article: The question of development and environment in geography in the era of globalisation
L.J. de Haan in: GeoJournal, Vol. 50 (2000), p. 359-367
18   Chapter: Beyond antiracism: diversity, multi-identifications and sketchy images of new societies
P.J.M. Essed in: The semiotics of racism: approaches in critical discourse analysis (2000), p. 41-61
19   Chapter: Political Leadership
P.J.M. Essed in: Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women (2000), p. 1559-1562
20   Article: Challenges of leadership: women of color in the academy
P.J.M. Essed in: Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 23 (2000), p. 888-904