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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 1995

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21   Article: The relation between information-processing variables and test-retest stability for questionnaire items
M.E. Otter, G.J. Mellenbergh, K. de Glopper in: Journal of Educational Measurement, Vol. 32 (1995), p. 199-216
22   Article: Measurement with multiple indicators and psychofysical scaling in the context of Fish bein and Ajzen's theory of reasoned action
B van den Putte, W.E. Saris, J. Hoogstraten in: Quality & Quantity, International Journal of Methodology, Vol. 29 (1995), p. 207-222
23   Article: Head position and spinal position as determinants of perceived emotional state
S.J. Schouwstra, J. Hoogstraten in: Perceptual and Motor Skills, Vol. 81 (1995), p. 673-674
24   Article: A study on the convergent and discriminant validity of the dental anxiety inventory
M.E.A. Stouthard, J. Hoogstraten, G.J. Mellenbergh in: Behaviour Research and Therapy, Vol. 33 (1995), p. 589-595
25   Article: Longitudinal development of lipoprotein levels in males and females aged 12-28 years: The Amsterdam growth and health study
J.W.R. Twisk, H.C.G. Kemper, G.J. Mellenbergh in: International Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 24 (1995), p. 69-77
26   Article: Anxiety reduction with nitrous oxide: A permanent solution?
J.S.J. Veerkamp, R.J.M. Gruythuysen, J. Hoogstraten, W.E. van Amerongen in: Journal of Dentistry for Children, Vol. 62 (1995), p. 44-48
27   Article: The impact of social influences in the context of attitude, self-efficacy, intention, and previous behavior as predictors of smoking onset
H. de Vries, E.H.F. Backbier, G. Kok, M. Dijkstra in: Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 25 (1995), p. 237-257
28   Article: Verklaring en verandering van gedrag: een beschouwing van het transtheoretisch model
H. de Vries, E.H.F. Backbier in: Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsbevordering, Vol. 16 (1995), p. 26-34
29   Chapter: The quantitative meaning of qualitative expressions of uncertainty
W.P. van den Brink, M. van Schaik in: Chance and Uncertainty (1995), p. 181-191
30   Chapter: Symptoomperceptie en belasting
J.F. Brosschot, W.T.A.M. Everaerd in: Mentale Belasting in het werk (1995)