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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 1993

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121   Chapter: Analysis of a model of emotions
D.C. Moffat, N.H. Frijda, R.H. Phaf in: Prospects for artificial intelligence (1993), p. 219-228
122   Chapter: Modelling concerned attention - to some affect.
D.C. Moffat, N.H. Frijda in: Proceedings of Workshop on architectures underlying motivation and emotion (1993), p. 104-109
123   Article: A third source of developmental differences
P.C.M. Molenaar, D.I. Boomsma, C,V. Dolan in: Behavior Genetics, Vol. 23 (1993), p. 519-524
124   Chapter: Catastrophe phase transitions in exact ART networks
P.C.M. Molenaar, M.E.J. Raijmakers in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, ICANN '93 (1993), p. 650-653
125   Chapter: Complex system approaches to the development of action
P.C.M. Molenaar, P.J. Beek, B. Hopkins in: The development of coordination in infancy (1993), p. 497-515
126   Article: Human behavioral biology: commentary on Lerner and von Eye's sociobiology and human development
P.C.M. Molenaar, R.L. Burgess in: Human development, Vol. 36 (1993), p. 45-54
127   Article: Individuele verschillen in fysiologische response systemen: Normale en deviante ontwikkeling
P.C.M. Molenaar, R.J.M. Somsen in: Tijdschrift voor Ontwikkelingspsychologie, Vol. 20 (1993), p. 34-35
128   Article: Methods come before methodology
P.C.M. Molenaar in: Contemporary psychology, Vol. 38 (1993), p. 737-738
129   Chapter: NONLIS: A Fortran 77 program for multigroup covariance structure analysis subject to linear, nonlinear and simple bound constraints.
P.C.M. Molenaar, C.V. Dolan in: Tools for experimental and applied psychology (1993), p. 105-115
130   Article: Scalp topography of event-related brain potentials and cognitive transitions during childhood.
P.C.M. Molenaar, M.W. van der Molen, J.E.A. Stauder in: Child Development, Vol. 64 (1993), p. 769-788