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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 2008

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421   Book: Understanding Argumentation: Work in Progress
F.H. van Eemeren, D.C. Williams, I.Z. Zagar (2008)
422   Chapter: Rhetoric, argument and persuasion
F.H. van Eemeren in: The International Encyclopedia of Communication IX (2008), p. 4215-4219
423   Chapter: Valuing validity as reasonableness. Rationale for a pragma-dialectical perspective
F.H. van Eemeren in: Truth and Judgement (2008), p. 199-222
424   Chapter: The need for well-considered normativety in the study of argumentation
F.H. van Eemeren in: Proceedings of the 3rd Tokyo Conference on Argumentation. Argumentation, the Law& Justice (2008), p. 57-65
425  download 138255 Article: A special issue on strategic maneuvering in institutional contexts dedicated to Peter Houtlosser (1956-2008)
F.H. van Eemeren in: Argumentation, Vol. 22 (2008), p. 305-315
426   Chapter: The Study of Argumentation
F.H. van Eemeren in: The Sage Handbook of Rhetorical Studies (2008), p. 109-124
427   Chapter: Controversy and Confrontation in Argumentative Discourse
F.H. van Eemeren in: Controversy and Confrontation. Relating Controversy Analysis with Argumentation Theory (2008), p. 1-26
428   Chapter: Within the bounds of reason: Strategic maneuvering in argumentative discourse
F.H. van Eemeren in: Meaning, Intentions and Argumentation (2008), p. 209-235
429   Article: Reconnecting dialectic and rhetoric: fallacies as derailments of strategic manoeuvring in argumentative discourse
F.H. van Eemeren in: Anthropology & Philosophy, Vol. 8 (2008), p. 49-67
430   Chapter: Strategic manoeuvering in argumentative discourse: Exploring the boundaries of reasonableness
F.H. van Eemeren in: Understanding Argumentation: Work in Progress (2008), p. 13-25