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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 1988

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71   Book: Ulenspiegel, de sa vie de ses oeuvres: édition critique du plus ancien Ulespiègle français du XVIe siècle
J. Koopmans, P. Verhuyck (1988), 327 p.
72   Article: Anglo-Irish patriotism and its European context : notes towards a reassessment
J.T. Leerssen in: Eighteenth-century Ireland, Vol. 3 (1988), p. 7-24
73   Book review:
J.T. Leerssen in: New comparison (1988), p. 172-174 , Literary interrelations
74   Book editorial: Britain in Europe
J.T. Leerssen, A. Boxhoorn, M. Spiering (1988), p. 210
75  download 15553 Article: British literary critics and continental critical theory
J.T. Leerssen in: Yearbook of European studies, Vol. 1 (1988), p. 59-84
76   Chapter: How the wild Irish girl made Ireland romantic
J.T. Leerssen in: The clash of Ireland : literary contrasts and connections (1988), p. 98-117
77   Article: How the wild Irish girl made Ireland romantic
J.T. Leerssen in: DQR : Dutch quarterly review of Anglo-American letters, Vol. 18 (1988), p. 209-228
78  download 15444 Article: Over nationale identiteit
J.T. Leerssen in: Theoretische geschiedenis, Vol. 15 (1988), p. 417-430
79   Chapter: Tain after tain : the mythical past and the Anglo-Irish
J.T. Leerssen in: History and violence in Anglo-Irish literature (1988), p. 29-46
80   Chapter: The cracked lookingglass of a servant : cultural decolonization and national consciousness in Ireland and Africa
J.T. Leerssen in: Europa und das nationale Selbstverstandnis (1988), p. 103-118