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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2011

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11  download 459713 Report: Evolutionary selection of individual expectations and aggregate outcomes in asset pricing experiments
M. Anufriev, C. Hommes (2011), p. 67
12  download 460198 Report: Excess covariance and dynamic instability in a multi-asset model
M. Anufriev, G. Bottazzi, M. Marsili, P. Pin (2011), p. 39
13  download 506762 Report: Interest rate rules with heterogeneous expectations
M. Anufriev, T. Assenza, C. Hommes, D. Massaro (2011), p. 46
14  download 460200 Report: Individual expectations and aggregate macro behavior
T. Assenza, P. Heemeijer, C. Hommes, D. Massaro (2011), p. 43
15  download 460199 Report: Was Bernanke right? Targeting asset prices may not be a good idea after all
T. Assenza, M. Berardi, D. Delli Gatti (2011), p. 50
16   Article: Non-cooperative solutions for estate division problems
M. Atlamaz, C. Berden, H. Peters, D. Vermeulen in: Games and Economic Behaviour, Vol. 73 (2011), p. 39-51
17   Article: Collaboration trumps competition in high-tech project teams
M. Avital, B. Singh in: International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering, Vol. 1 (2011), p. 292-314
18   Chapter: Nurturing a thriving information systems discipline: a call to action: ICIS 2011 panel statement
M. Avital, N. Levina, R. Agarwal, N. Bjørn-Andersen, V. Grover, E.Y. Li, D. Te'eni in: ICIS 2011 proceedings: Thirty Second International Conference on Information Systems, Shanghai 2011 (2011)
19  download 459616 Chapter: The generative bedrock of open design
M. Avital in: Open design now: why design cannot remain exclusive (2011), p. 48-58
20   Chapter: Are less government support and more competition a threat to diversity in the supply of arts?
B. Baarsma in: The art of supervision: liber amicorum Pieter Kalbfleisch (2011), p. 259-270