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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2010

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421   Report: Optimal Capital Structure for Insurance Companies
R.J.A. Laeven, E.C. Perotti (2010), p. 37
422   Report: Risk attitudes and profits among small enterprises in Nigeria
J. Lammers, D. Willebrands, J. Hartog (2010), p. 36
423  download 356046 Article: Main principles and practices of auditing independence in China: A multifaceted discussion
W.H. Lan, G. Georgakopoulos, I. Sotiropoulos, K. Galanou in: Asian Social Science, Vol. 6 (2010), p. 3-11
424   Chapter: Een onderzoek naar de kwaliteit van de toelichting van het accountantshonorarium in de jaarrekening van grote Nederlandse bv's en nv's
H. Langendijk, J. Speijcken in: Accountancy in beweging (2010), p. 101-119
425  download 159558 Dissertation: Increasing the requirements to show antitrust harm in modernised effects-based analysis: an assessment of the impact on the efficiency of enforcement of Art 81 EC
M. Lankhorst (2010), p. 261
426   Article: Managing multiple facets of risk in new product alliances
R.P. Lee, J.L. Johnson in: Decision Sciences, Vol. 41 (2010), p. 271-300
427   Chapter: It's the liquidity, stupid!
J.J.A. Leenaars in: Zicht op Schilder: ethiek, controle en toezicht (2010), p. 160-167
428   Chapter: Success in the Dutch music festival market: The role of format and content
M.A.A.M. Leenders, J. van Telgen, G. Gemser, R. van der Wurff in: Event tourism: Critical concepts in tourism (2010), p. 79-94
429   Article: The relative importance of the brand of music festivals: A customer equity perspective
M.A.A.M. Leenders in: Journal of Strategic Marketing, Vol. 18 (2010), p. 291-301
430   Article: Expanding schooling opportunities for 4-year-olds
E. Leuven, M. Lindahl, H. Oosterbeek, H.D. Webbink in: Economics of Education Review, Vol. 29 (2010), p. 319-328