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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2010

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221  download 491278 Article: O vklade issledovatel'skikh rabot po sovetskoi ekonomike v ekonomicheskuyu teoriyu meinstrima
M. Ellman in: Voprosy Èkonomiki, Vol. 2010 (2010), p. 39-55
222   Article: Regional influences on the formulation and implementation of NKVD 0rder 00447
M. Ellman in: Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 62 (2010), p. 915-931
223   Chapter: La Unión Europea ampliada y sus vecinos
M.J. Ellman in: Union Europea y agenda estratégica (2010), p. 157-168
224   Chapter: Terrorist threat assessment with formal concept analysis
P. Elzinga, J. Poelmans, S. Viaene, G. Dedene, S. Morsing in: 2010 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI 2010): Vancouver, BC, Canada, 23-26 May 2010 (2010), p. 77-82
225   Chapter: Banking crises in the North: a comparative analysis of Finland and Sweden
P. Englund, V. Vihriälä in: State and financial systems in Europe and the USA: Historical perspectives on regulation and supervision in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (2010), p. 177-196
226   Chapter: Trading on home price risk: Index derivatives and home equity insurance
P. Englund in: The Blackwell companion to the economics of housing: The housing wealth of nations. (2010), p. 499-511
227   Article: A gage R&R study in a hospital
T.P. Erdmann, R.J.M.M. Does, S. Bisgaard in: Quality Engineering, Vol. 22 (2010), p. 46-53
228   Article: Improving the invoicing process of a consulting company
T.P. Erdmann, M. de Groot, R.J.M.M. Does in: Quality Engineering, Vol. 22 (2010), p. 214-221
229   Chapter: Comment on chapter 14
C. van Ewijk in: The euro: the first decade (2010), p. 597-603
230  download 355059 Article: Reduce tax on residentional mobility
C. van Ewijk, M. van Leuvensteijn in: VOX : Research-based Policy Analysis and Commentary from leading Economists, Vol. 2010 (2010)