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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2010

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181   Chapter: The logistic growth curve
J.S. Cramer in: Famous Figures And Diagrams In Economics (2010), p. 309-311-27
182   Article: Optimal central bank transparency
C.A.B. van der Cruijsen, S.C.W. Eijffinger, L.H. Hoogduin in: Journal of international Money and Finance, Vol. 29 (2010), p. 1482-1507
183   Article: The impact of Regulation 1/2003 in the new member states
K.J. Cseres in: Competition Law Review, Vol. 6 (2010), p. 145-182
184  download 221653 Article: Can internal swap markets enhance welfare in defined contribution plans?
J. Cui, E. Ponds in: Rotman International Journal of Pension Management, Vol. 3 (2010), p. 52-57
185   Article: Linking the strategic importance of ICT with investment in business-ICT alignment: an explorative framework
B. Cumps, S. Viaene, G. Dedene in: International Journal on IT/Business Alignment and Governance, Vol. 1 (2010), p. 39-57
186  download 334688 Report: Did cultural and artistic education in the Netherlands increase student participation in high cultural events?
M.-L. Damen, C. van Klaveren (2010), p. 25
187  download 339082 Report: Qualitative and quantitative analysis in systematic dialectics: Marx vs. Hegel and Arthur vs. Smith
D. Damsma (2010), p. 22
188   Article: Carrots, sticks and the multiplication effect
G. Dari Mattiacci, G. de Geest in: Journal of Law Economics & Organization, Vol. 26 (2010), p. 365-384
189   Report: Legal and market uncertainty in market-based instruments: the case of the EU ETS
G. Dari-Mattiacci, J. van Zeben (2010), p. 31
190   Report: Luxury in ancient Rome: scope, timing and enforcement of sumptuary laws
G. Dari-Mattiacci, A.E. Plisecka (2010), p. 25