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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2010

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161   Article: Adolescents' heightened risk-seeking in a probabilistic gambling task
S. Burnett, N.G.J. Bault, G. Coricelli, S.J. Blakemore in: Cognitive Development, Vol. 25 (2010), p. 183-196
162   Report: Handedness predicts social preferences: Evidence connecting the lab to the field
T. Buser (2010), p. 24
163   Report: Does school time matter? On the impact of compulsory education age on school dropout
S.J. Cabus, K. de Witte (2010), p. 31
164   Report: Europeanization of private law in Central and Eastern Europe countries (CEECs): preliminary findings and research agenda
F. Cafaggi, O.O. Cherednychenko, M. Cremona, K. Cseres, L.J. Gorywoda, R. Karova, H.W. Micklitz, K. Podstawa (2010), p. 83
165  download 337028 Report: Capital structure and the redeployability of tangible assets
M. Campello, E. Giambona (2010), p. 26, [11]
166   Report: How are Venture Capitalists Rewarded? The Economics of Venture Capital Partnerships
M. Campello, R. Almeida da Matta (2010), p. 41
167  download 337520 Article: European antitrust policy 1957-2004: an analysis of Commission decisions
M. Carree, A. Günster, M.P. Schinkel in: Review of Industrial Organization, Vol. 36 (2010), p. 97-131
168   Article: Communication in cartelized industries
P.J.G. van Cayseele, P.D. Camesasca in: Review of Business and Economics, Vol. 55 (2010), p. 233-248
169   Article: Broadening the concept of international entrepreneurship: 'Consumers as international entrepreneurs'
Y. Chandra, N. Coviello in: Journal of World Business, Vol. 45 (2010), p. 228-236
170   Article: Second Biennial Conference of the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (University of Minnesota, 18–20 June 2009)
H. Chang, M. Boumans, M. Boon, R. Ankeny in: Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Vol. 41 (2010), p. 233-235