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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2009

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411   Report: Markteffecten van flexibilisering frequentiebeleid: eindrapportage
M. Kerste, J. Poort, H. de Jong, J. Smits (2009), p. 54
412   Article: Some results on the variogram in time series analysis
D. Khachatryan, S. Bisgaard in: Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. 25 (2009), p. 947-960
413  download 170496 Report: Liquidity constraints and tax policy in small open economies
M. Kirchner (2009), p. 29
414   Report: Transmission of government spending shocks in the euro area: time variation and driving forces
M. Kirchner, J. Cimadomo, S. Hauptmeier (2009), p. 60
415   Report: Bifurcations of optimal vector fields in the shallow lake model
T. Kiseleva, F. Wagener (2009), p. 30
416   Article: Econometric analysis of panel data: editorial introduction
J.F. Kiviet in: Singapore Economic Review, Vol. 54 (2009), p. 313-317
417   Report: Higher-order asymptotic expansions of the least-squares estimation bias in first-order dynamic regression models
J.F. Kiviet, G.D.A. Phillips (2009), p. 37
418   Report: The asymptotic and finite sample (un)conditional distributions of OLS and simple IV in simultaneous equations
J.F. Kiviet, J. Niemczyk (2009), p. 24
419   Article: The efficiency of top agents: an analysis through service strategy in tennis
F.J.G.M. Klaassen, J.R. Magnus in: Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 148 (2009), p. 72-85
420   Report: Collective labor supply and housework with non-participation of women in paid labor
C. van Klaveren, B. van Praag, H. Maassen van den Brink (2009), p. 34