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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2009

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371   Chapter: Complex evolutionary systems in behavorial finance
C. Hommes, F. Wagener in: Handbook of financial markets: Dynamics and evolution (2009), p. 217-276
372   Chapter: Complexity, evolution and learning: empirical and experimental validation of heterogeneous expectations
C. Hommes in: Complexity and Spatial Networks: In Search of Simplicity (2009), p. 91-104
373  download 167456 Report: Does eductive stability imply evolutionary stability?
C. Hommes, F. Wagener (2009), p. 23
374  download 167458 Report: Individual expectations and aggregate behavior in learning to forecast experiments
C. Hommes, T. Lux (2009), p. 41
375  download 167457 Report: Is more memory in evolutionary selection (de)stabilizing?
C. Hommes, T. Kiseleva, Y. Kuznetsov, M. Verbic (2009), p. 33
376   Chapter: Bounded rationality and learning in complex markets
C.H. Hommes in: Handbook Of Research On Complexity (2009), p. 87-123
377   Article: Empowering behaviour and leader fairness and integrity: studying perceptions of ethical leader behaviour from a levels-of-analysis perspective
A.H.B. de Hoogh, D.N. den Hartog in: European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Vol. 18 (2009), p. 199-230
378   Chapter: Ethical leadership: the socially responsible use of power
A.H.B. de Hoogh, D.N. den Hartog in: Power and interdependence in organizations (2009), p. 338-354
379   Article: Neuroticism and locus of control as moderators of the relationships of charismatic and autocratic leadership with burnout.
A.H.B. de Hoogh, D.N. den Hartog in: Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 94 (2009), p. 1058-1067
380   Report: Doelmatig met bestaand beleid: een analyse gebaseerd op expertise uit het veld
A. Houkes, E. Scavenius (2009), p. 51