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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2005

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131  download 41575 Inaugural lecture: Beslissen of gewoon dóen?
J.H. Sonnemans (2005), p. 23
132   Chapter: ICT-competenties en de computerangst van werknemers
B. Steijn, K. Tijdens in: Jaarboek ICT en Samenleving 2005: Kennis in Netwerken (2005), p. 147-160-
133  download 140167 Chapter: The Naturalist View of Universal Darwinism: An Application to the Evolutionary Theory of the Firm
J.W. Stoelhorst in: Complexity and the Economy (2005), p. 127-147
134   Article: Basel II: Capital requirements for equity investment portfolios
F. Suarez, J.L.M. Dhaene, L. Henrard, S. Vanduffel in: Belgian Actuarial Bulletin, Vol. 5 (2005), p. 37-45
135  download 482919 Report: Classifications and the chooser-technique used in the WageIndicator questionnaire
K. Tijdens, C. Wetzels (2005), p. 13
136  download 482916 Report: Measuring wages, and calculating hourly wages in the WageIndicator dataset
K. Tijdens, C. Wetzels, M. Andralojc, P. Michon (2005), p. 35
137   Chapter: How Important are Institutional Settings to Prevent Marginalisation of Part-Time Employment?
K.G. Tijdens in: Low-wage Employment in Europe (2005), p. 81-99-
138  download 196501 Dissertation: Exclusion and cooperation in networks
A. Ule (2005), p. 220
139   Chapter: The Need for Institutional Change in the Global Financial System
G.R.D. Underhill, S. Claessens in: Protecting the Poor: Global Financial Institutions and the Vulnerability of Low-Income Countries (2005), p. 79-114-
140  download 10641 Dissertation: Comonotonicity: from risk measurement to risk management
S. Vanduffel (2005), p. 154