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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2005

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101   Chapter: The evolution of multinationals' responses to climate change
A. Kolk, J. Pinkse in: Perspectives on international corporate responsibility (2005), p. 175-190
102   Report: Luchthavenmonitor: tien Europese regio's in de tijd vergeleken
J.A. Korteweg, M.J. van Leeuwen, M. Pelger, J. Veldhuis (2005), p. 42
103  download 16483 Dissertation: Essays on risk measures and stochastic dependence : with applications to insurance and finance
R.J.A. Laeven (2005), p. 151
104  download 228024 Report: Worst VaR scenarios: a remark
R.J.A. Laeven (2005), p. 9
105   Article: Worker reciprocity and employer investment in training
E. Leuven, H. Ooosterbeek, R. Sloof, C. van Klaveren in: Economica, Vol. 72 (2005), p. 137-149
106   Chapter: Multinational responses to climate change in the automotive and oil industries
D. Levy, A. Kolk in: The business of climate change : corporate responses to Kyoto (2005), p. 132-143
107   Report: Wie betaalt de rit?: uitgaven aan openbaar vervoer en deelgroepvervoer in zes landen
R. Lieshout, F.A. Rosenberg (2005)
108   Chapter: Exploratory study of the impacts of Internet use on business work-travel behaviour on trains in The Netherlands
J.H.N. Lim, M. Zhang, T. van der Hoorn in: Transportation and the economy: proceedings of the 10th International conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (2005)
109   Dissertation: International tax differences and real exchange rate changes in an integrated financial market. A welfare analysis of the European Union
J.A. LoriĆ© (2005), p. 356
110   Report: Cultuur en creativiteit naar waarde geschat
G.A. Marlet, J. Poort (2005), p. 87