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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2004

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201  download 14663 Report: The Impact of the locus-of-control personality trait on the earnings on employees vis-a-vis entrepreneurs
C.M. van Praag, J. van der Sluis, A. van Witteloostuijn (2004)
202   Article: The value of human and social capital investments for the business performance of startups
C.M. van Praag, N. Bosma, R. Thurik, G. de Wit in: Small Business Economics, Vol. 23 (2004), p. 227-236
203   Article: Discussion of the timeliness of income recognition by European companies: an analysis of institutional and market complexity
W.P. Rees in: Journal of business finance & accounting, Vol. 31 (2004), p. 149-165
204   Report: Kosten-batenanalyse Zeetoegang IJmuiden
F.A. Rosenberg, C.C. Koopmans (2004), p. 52
205  download 193263 Article: LUTI modelling in the Netherlands: experiences with TIGRIS and a framework for a new LUTI model
A. Schoemakers, T. van der Hoorn in: European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, Vol. 4 (2004), p. 315-332
206   Article: Pricing Rate of Return Guarantees in Regular Premium Unit Linked Insurance
D.F. Schrager, A. Pelsser in: Insurance: Mathematics & Economics, Vol. 35 (2004), p. 369-398
207   Report: The work-family balance in collective agreements: more female employees, more provisions?
K. Schreuder (2004), p. 43
208   Article: Finite horizon bargaining with outside options and threat points
R. Sloof in: Theory and Decision, Vol. 57 (2004), p. 109-142
209  download 14474 Report: Opting out: An experimental comparison of bazaars versus high-tech markets
R. Sloof (2004), p. 39
210  download 14295 Report: Price-setting power versus private information: An experimental evaluation of their impact on holdup
R. Sloof (2004)