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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2004

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171   Report: Verfijning regionale informatie
M. de Nooij, R. Lieshout, C. Bijvoet, C.C. Koopmans (2004)
172  download 76635 Dissertation: The medium matters: the impact of electronic communication media and evidence strength on belief revision during auditor-client inquiry
A.H. N├Âteberg (2004), p. 195
173   Article: Cultural differences in ultimatum game experiments: Evidence from a meta-analysis
H. Oosterbeek, R. Sloof, G. van de Kuilen in: Experimental Economics, Vol. 7 (2004), p. 171-188
174  download 41361 Article: Evaluating the effect of tax deductions on training
H. Oosterbeek, E. Leuven in: Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 22 (2004), p. 461-488
175   Article: Specific investments, holdup, and the outside option principle
H. Oosterbeek, R. Sloof, J. Sonnemans in: European Economic Review, Vol. 48 (2004), p. 1399-1410
176  download 14291 Report: Wage effects of an extra year of lower vocational education: Evidence from a simultaneous change of compulsory school leaving age and program length
H. Oosterbeek, D. Webbink (2004)
177   Article: The rise and fall of communal responsibility in ancient law
F. Parisi, G. Dari-Mattiacci in: International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 24 (2004), p. 489-505
178   Article: Willingness and ability of Bulgarian consumers to pay for improved public health care service
M. Pavlova, W.J.N. Groot, F. van Merode in: Applied Economics, Vol. 36 (2004), p. 1117-1130
179   Report: Capaciteitsgebrek of ┬┐gebruik?: een analyse naar de mogelijkheden van selectiviteitsbeleid op Schiphol
M. Pelger, J.G. Veldhuis, J.G. de Wit (2004)
180   Report: Enterprise finance and investment in listed Hungarian firms
E.C. Perotti, L. Vesnaver (2004)