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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2001

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221   Article: The Subjective Costs of Health Losses due to Chronic Diseases
A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell, B.M.S. van Praag in: IZA Discussionpaper, Vol. 313 (2001)
222  download 505447 Article: The subjective costs of health losses due to chronic diseases: an alternative model for monetary appraisal
A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell, B.M.S. van Praag in: Discussion paper series IZA, Vol. 313 (2001)
223   Article: Wachtlijsten: een duur medicijn
A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell, P. Hop, L. Janssens, H.A. Keuzenkamp, L. Kok, M.L. de Kok in: SEO-Rapport, Vol. 605 (2001)
224   Article: Testing for Unit Roots in Market Shares
P.H.B.F. Franses, S. Srinivasan, H.P. Boswijk in: Marketing Letters, Vol. 12 (2001), p. 351-364
225  download 14541 Report: Job search with nonparticipation
P. Frijters, B. van der Klaauw (2001)
226   Article: Job search with nonparticipation
P. Frijters, B. van der Klaauw in: Scholar Working Paper Series, Vol. 26 (2001)
227   Article: Two is Not Too Many for Monopoly
D. Furth, P. van Cayseele in: Journal of Economics, Vol. 74 (2001), p. 231-258
228   Article: Optimal Prediction in Loglinear Models
K.J. van Garderen in: Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 104 (2001), p. 119-140
229   Article: The Interpretation of Dummy Variables in Semilogarithmic Equations in the Presence of Estimation Uncertainty
K.J. van Garderen, C. Shah in: Discussion Paper, Vol. 01511 (2001)
230  download 1721 Chapter: Nonlinear adaptive beliefs and the dynamics of financial markets: the role of the evolutionary fitness measure
A. Gaunersdorfer, C.H. Hommes in: Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 2001 (2001), p. 782-789