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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2001

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141   Article: Linking Participative Budgeting Congruence to Organization Performance
B.D. Clinton, J. Hunton in: Behavioral Research in Accounting, Vol. 13 (2001), p. 127-142
142   Book: Het vastgoedbeleggingsbeleid van de grote Nederlandse institutionele beleggers en vastgoedfondsen
N. Cohen (2001), 43 p.
143   Article: Meerdere doelstellingen is geen doelstelling
K. Cools, C.M. van Praag in: Economisch-Statistische Berichten, Vol. 86 (2001), p. 644-647
144   Article: On the virtues of transparency and simplicity: An empirical analysis of the value-relevance of targets
K. Cools, C.M. van Praag in: MAB, Vol. 74 (2001), p. 24-37
145   Article: Stochastic approximations of present value functions
H. Cossette, M. Denuit, J.L.M. Dhaene, E. Marceau in: Mitteilungen der Schweiz Actuarvereinigung (2001), p. 15-28
146   Article: A Theory of Competition and Fairness without Inequality Aversion
J. Cox, K. Sadiraj, V. Sadiraj in: Working Paper (2001)
147   Article: Fear, Trust, and Reciprocity in the Moonlighting Game
J. Cox, V. Sadiraj, K. Sadiraj in: CREED Working Paper (2001)
148   Article: Risk Aversion and Expected Utility Theory: Coherence for Small and Large Scale Gambles
J. Cox, V. Sadiraj in: CREED Working Paper (2001)
149  download 1441 Report: Measures of fit for multinominal discrete models
J.S. Cramer (2001)
150   Article: Pooling states in the multinomial logit model: degrees of freedom. A correction.
J.S. Cramer, G. Ridder in: Statistical Papers, Vol. 42 (2001), p. 97-99