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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2001

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121   Article: On Temporality, simultaneity, and TSS: a Reply to Laibman
G. Carchedi in: Science and Society, Vol. 65 (2001), p. 509-515
122   Article: Globalizacion y ajuste estructural en Nicaraqua
O.O. Catalan Aravena in: Encuentro, Vol. XXXIII (2001), p. 42-57
123   Article: International trade costs, home bias and Europe's Single Market
P.A.D. Cavelaars in: MEB series, Vol. 12 (2001)
124   Article: Monetary policy and competition policy in a two-country, two-sector model
P.A.D. Cavelaars in: DNB-Staff Reports, Vol. 69 (2001)
125  download 336494 Report: Have East Asian stock markets calmed down? Evidence from a regime-switching model
K.R. Chaudhuri, F. Klaassen (2001), p. 23
126   Article: Option pricing and foreign investment under political risk
J. A. Cherian, E.C. Perotti in: Journal of International Economics, Vol. 55 (2001), p. 359-377
127   Article: A Comparison Of Electronic Infrastructures In The Air Cargo Industry In The Netherlands And Hong Kong SAR
E. Christiaanse, J. Damsgaard in: Journal of Global Information Management, Vol. 9 (2001), p. 14-22
128   Chapter: Succes and Failure in Building Electronic Infrastructures in the Air Cargo Industry: A comparison of the Netherlands and Hong-Kong SAR
E. Christiaanse, J. Damsgaard in: Cases on Global IT Applications and Management: Successes and Pitfalls (2001)
129   Chapter: The Impact Of B2B Exchanges On Brick And Mortar Intermediaries: The Elemica Case
E. Christiaanse, R. Sinnecker, M.H.R. Mossinkoff in: Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (2001), p. 422-432
130   Chapter: Virtual Task Management in Multi-Channel Configurations
E. Christiaanse in: Proceedings of the for Oasis/IFIP 8.2 conference, New Orleans (2001), p. 35-38